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Arcana Enkindling Lectern

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For more information on the Arcana system, see Arcana.


The strange, verdant flame we found is highly volatile, but contains great power. We've shown it to be capable of affecting even the Arcana themselves, which exist as a form of conceptual pictographic magecraft.


Laoire, About Arcana Links

Flame Podium.png

The Arcana Enkindling Lectern is the primary tool through which players can manage their Arcana. In order to access and use it, the player must preemptively have unlocked access to the Arcana Association Room and completed the relevant quests.


The interface of the Lectern.

Players may interact directly with the lectern to manage the core functions of the Arcana system:

  • Arcana Activation/Switching
    • 100 AP is required to switch active arcanas.
  • Unlock Link
  • Crest Forging
    • You cannot forge Arcana Crests of an Arcana that you do not know about.


  • The patterns around the lectern may hint at the future Arcanas yet to be released.