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Arcana of Wings

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Blue Arcana.png Blue Arcana.png Blue Arcana.png Blue Arcana (Wings).png
Inventory icon of Arcana of Wings

1 × 2
Stack: 100

An arcana infused with the power of haste, granting you the ability to teleport to a specified location.
Can only be used in the Final Round of the Guardian Guild Tournament.


Areas A-D labeled, with the central fork being 'Center Area'.
  • Right click the arcana and select "use" to grant a boon during the Guardian Guild Tournament.
    • This Blue Arcana will transport you to a predetermined location in Sen Mag. There are five distinct versions of this Arcana:
      • Arcana of Wings (Area A)
      • Arcana of Wings (Area B)
      • Arcana of Wings (Area C)
      • Arcana of Wings (Area D)
      • Arcana of Wings (Center Area)
    • Arcana of Wings are tinted lighter than other Blue Arcana so that the player does not accidentally teleport.
  • This item can only be used in the Guardian Guild Tournament.
  • Item will disappear once the final round is over.

Methods to Obtain