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Guardian Guild Tournament

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Basic Information

  • Guardian Guild Tournaments allow Guilds to fight for the role of Guardian of one the two towns the battles are held in: Tir Chonaill and Dunbarton
  • In order to register for the Guardian Guild Tournament, the Guild must pay a fee of 15,000 GP, as well as 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 Gold, depending on the number of participants.
    • 5 participants will cost 3,000,000 Gold.
    • 7 participants will cost 3,500,000 Gold.
    • 10 participants will cost 4,000,000 Gold.
    • 15 participants will cost 4,500,000 Gold.
    • 20 participants will cost 5,000,000 Gold.
  • The winning Guild will receive exclusive benefits and a title based on the town they fought for.
  • Guild Battles will commence at 5 PM server time, on Saturday or Sunday. The hosting NPC must then be spoken to to start the final entry process.
    • Guilds fighting for Tir Chonaill have to gather near Duncan at 5 PM server time, on Saturday.
    • Guilds fighting for Dunbarton have to gather near Eavan at 5 PM server time, on Sunday.
  • Sign-ups take place Monday, 12:00 AM PDT - Friday, 11:59 PM PDT for both towns.

The Preliminaries


  • This is the first stage of the Guardian Guild Tournament.
  • Upon entering the preliminaries, Guilds are given 10 minutes to prepare.
  • After the game begins, players can choose to either attempt the mini-games to receive helpful items, or fight off the Bandits.

Bandit Invasion

  • Bandit monsters will spawn from a certain point of the map, and will try to make to another point.
    • These Bandits must be defeated before they reach their goal, points will be lost for every bandit that makes it.
    • In Tir Chonaill, the Bandits will spawn near the Commerce Outpost, and will try to make their way to the nearest bridge.
    • In Dunbarton, the Bandits will spawn near the farms north of Dunbarton, and will try to get through the Northern gate of the town.


  • During the Bandit Invasion, there will be 5 orbs that players can choose to hit.
    • In Tir Chonaill these orbs are located near the bridge, slightly northwest of the Commerce Outpost.
    • In Dunbarton, these orbs are located the northern entrance of the town.
  • Only 3 mini-games can be done per Guild Battle.
  • Hitting one of these orbs will transport the player to a different location on the map, where a mini-game will take place.
  • Wooden Fence Maze: When the player hits the first orb, they will be given one minute to reach the orbs inside the maze, A Cube Box is given to the player for every orb they manage to hit.
  • Memory Game: When this game begins, 9 orbs will show up, these orbs will flash in a certain order. The player must then hit the orbs in the order shown to receive a Cube Box.
  • ???: Information Unknown
  • ???: Information Unknown
  • ???: Information Unknown

Cube Box

Capture the Flag


  • This is the second stage of the Guardian Guild Tournament.
  • More info TBA.

Rewards and Benefits

Participation Rewards

Victory Rewards

  • Automatic qualification for the Final Round of the next Guardian Guild Tournament.
  • A portion of the entry fees for the tournament are awarded to the winning Guild.


  • The winning Guild receives an exclusive title depending on the town they fought for.
    • This title will only be available for 1 week.
  • For Tir Chonaill: The Guardian of Tir Chonaill
    • Max Damage 30 Increase
    • Magic Attack 35 Increase
    • Strength 15 Increase
    • Intelligence 15 Increase
    • Dexterity 15 Increase
    • Will 15 Increase
    • Luck 15 Increase
    • Max Stamina 30 Increase
    • Max MP 30 Increase
    • Max HP 30 Increase
    • Combat EXP 10% Increase
  • For Dunbarton: The Guardian of Dunbarton
    • Max Damage 30 Increase
    • Magic Attack 35 Increase
    • Strength 10 Increase
    • Intelligence 10 Increase
    • Dexterity 10 Increase
    • Will 10 Increase
    • Luck 30 Increase
    • Max Stamina 30 Increase
    • Max MP 30 Increase
    • Max HP 30 Increase
    • Gathering Success Rate 5% Increase
    • Gathering Speed 3% Increase

Town Benefits

Tir Chonaill Combat Benefits

  • Members receive more EXP in Alby and Ciar Dungeons.
  • Combat skills used near the town will reward higher skill EXP.
  • Members receive a 10% discount on equipment repairs in Tir Chronaill.
    • The discount does not visually appear, but still takes place during transaction.
  • Ferghus offers a 100% repair rate.
    • This option has been bugged in the past. Use with caution.

Dunbarton Life Benefits

  • Increased gold and item drops in Rabbie and Math Dungeons.
  • Life skills used near the town will reward higher total skill EXP, for a 1.2x bonus.
  • Members who use Dunbarton Personal Shop Licenses will have access to an increased gold limit.
    • This is 20,000,000 Gold for the regular license and 30,000,000 Gold for the VIP service license.

Guardian Guild Benefits

  • Guardian Guild Members can create a Check with an increased maximum by 10 million gold and receive a 5% discount on Bank fees in their town.
  • Guild Members can receive a Recall Book that allows the player to select 4 locations in their town's map to return to at any time.
  • Access to quests exclusive to Guardian Guild Members, available from Duncan or Eavan.
  • Access to the Guardian Guild Shop. This is an exclusive Shop tab only available to members of a Guardian Guild.
    • For Tir Chonaill, this Shop tab is part of Duncan's Shop.
    • For Dunbarton, this Shop tab is part of Eavan's Shop.
    • The Guardian Guild Shop contains special items, which all have a 12-hour expiration timer, are untradeable, and can only be purchased a certain number of times per day.

Guardian Guild Quests

  • Missions can be accepted once per day per character, reseting at
    7:00am PST
    real time.
  • All Guardian Guild Mission Quests have a time-limit of 5 in-game days.
  • A player may have multiple quests at once.
  • Items gathered or crafted for Guardian Guild Quests will not be turned in.
    • They can also be crafted at any location, despite the quest instructions.
  • Guild Quests are considered Daily Quests, and as such will reward the player with Briogh of Discipline for Techniques.

Guardian Guild Shop

  • All items expire within 12 hours after a shop refresh, resetting each shop reset.