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Avalon Bridge

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  • Defeat the waves of enemies and prevent them from reaching the Barrier Spikes.
    • The Barrier Spikes have 30 health, decreasing by 1 for each enemy that touches them, or 10 if a Giant Peridot Crystal Enemy touches them. The Disciple of the Prophets does not deduct anything.
  • On the top right of your screen, you will see the number of Crusader Points you have, the wave number, and the health of the barrier.
    • Crusader Points in this mission are a type of "currency" specific this mission, they are not the same as Crusader Points used to level Crusader Sub-skills.
  • Each wave has an intermission where you may talk to Shuan, providing the following options:
    • Summon a Baltane Squire using Crusader Points.
    • Obtain a reward box.
    • Start the next wave.
  • You will start with 70 Crusader Points. Killing enemies will provide Crusader Points, multiplied by the wave number (e.g. a Reanimated Corpse gives 1 point on wave 1, 2 on wave 2, etc.), while a Giant Peridot Crystal enemy grants 5x (e.g. 5 on wave 1, 10 on wave 2, etc.). A Disciple of the Prophets grants 100 points on each wave.
    • Phase 1 grants 223 Crusader Points.
    • Phase 2 grants 429 Crusader Points.
    • Phase 3 grants 688 Crusader Points.
    • Phase 4 grants 1040 Crusader Points.
    • Phase 5 grants 1455 Crusader Points.
    • Successfully defending all waves grants an additional 300 points, for a total of 1755.
    • Marionettes that kill enemies do not reward points.

Phase 1

This phase only contains Reanimated Corpses, Disciple of the Prophets and a Giant Peridot Crystal Bear. The Reanimated Corpses will ignore you even if attacked while the Disciple just runs around, but the Giant Peridot Crystal Bear will aggro and attack you.

Phase 2

Same as phase 1, but enemies spawn faster.

Phase 3

This phase now adds Crystal Wolves in the mix, which will aggro you if close enough and attempt to disrupt you.

Phase 4

Crystal Boars join the fray, which run much faster than the Reanimated Corpses but slower than the Wolves. They will ignore you unless provoked.

Phase 5

Identical to Phase 3, but some Wolves will deliberately ignore you and go straight for the Barrier Spikes.


After any phase, or after clearing all 5 phases, you may exchange Crusader Points for reward boxes. Higher tier reward boxes cost more points.