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Category:Crusader Skills

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  • Crusader Skills, also known as Divine Skills or Divine Knight Skills, are unique skills that call upon divine power.
  • This skillset possesses 4 active skills and 20 passives that enhance the actives.
    • All actives require AP to rank. The passives instead require Crusader Points, obtained from Crusader Levels.
  • On the bottom of the Crusader Skill tab there is a display of the player's Crusader Level, how much Crusader Points they have, and a "Manage Skills" button that opens an interface displaying all 24 skills.
    • The passives can only be found in the Manage Skills interface.
    • In the Manage Skills interface, the player can distribute Crusader Points into the passives. The passives can also be reset at no cost.
      • Reset passives will retain all training done for all passives.
  • Stats other than the player's damage range have no bearing on Crusader Skills.