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Bachram's Potential

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Bachram's Potential
Bachram's Potential.png
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Eiren's journal about Bachram. This is where she recorded her thoughts about changing Bachram into physical energy.

Obtain From Collecting all four Bachram's Potential Pages and combining them
Tradability Untradable
Effects Used in the quest "[Bachram Explosion] Proof of Loyalty" for obtaining Bachram Explosion
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Crafted Into
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- Bachram's Potential -
By Eiren

Chapter 1: Budding Trust

On the battlefield, there are times I'm overwhelmed with fear. It is in those moments that I am most hellbent on taking down my foes. And that's when I feel myself being swallowed... being consumed by the Slaugh.

This is why in battle, I must remember my principles, and have unwavering trust in my allies.

Bachram Potential1.png

But how do I gain trust? How does anyone build that kind of relationship where you can turn your back on someone, knowing you won't be harmed?

A good relationship starts with getting to know each other. What are the person's disposition and values? What do they like and dislike? If you disagree on something, does it open your mind a little as you consider the other person's perspective?

Chapter 2: Camaraderie

Considering how (Character Name) first awakened the power of Bachram... it seems to help if one has a strong desire to protect someone else.

Bachram Potential2.png

Is it really a sentimentalist notion that love and social affection is our greatest strength? I think that it is not mere sentiment... for social connections, and their complexity, is part of what caused us to develop such intelligent, higher-functioning brains. And from there, all the world was conquered.

Of course, higher emotional functioning leads to more darkness in the soul, too. It leads to self-awareness of one's flaws, an awareness of one's dark willingness to hurt other people for selfish desires. But if that darkness, or Dorcha, could be condensed by the introduction of good thoughts...

Chapter 3: Self-Understanding

Bachram Potential3.png

Bachram increases your Dorcha supply, because a positive mindset allows you to better harness your darker thoughts.

Bachram Potential4.png

Normally you must swing the Chain Blade to replenish your Dorcha, but with Bachram it'll increase even while you are standing still.

With a constant flow of Dorcha, think of the possibilities!

Chapter 4: Conclusion

I can think of some things that would surely make Bachram more powerful... A complete understanding of oneself. Affection for not only one's comrades, but for strangers. The ability to read the flow of Dorcha.

Bachram Potential5.png

Someday... if I regain my strength... could I be with them again?

I won't give up. I'll keep searching. And what I need to do now is go to Father...