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Baltane Bomb II

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Inventory icon of Baltane Bomb II

1 × 1
Stack: 10

Type II of the bombs used by Baltane Squires. It only works in Baltane Missions. Upon use, the hp of summoned monsters will decrease by 50%. Some monsters are completely resistant and will experience no damage. This item can be registered to hotkeys (F1 through F12, or to additional slots).


  • When activated, the Bomb will trigger the "Hidden Bomb" skill which creates an explosion around the user, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
    • Hidden Bomb will knock down any enemy it hits unless it has Advanced Heavy Stander.
    • Hidden Bomb hits damages enemies by 50%. The damage itself cannot be increased by any means.
    • Hidden Bomb ignores Protection when calculating Critical Hit chance.
    • Hidden Bomb will not damage barrier spikes.
  • Each Baltane Bomb I is consumed after use.
  • There is a 10 second cooldown for every Baltane bomb.

Methods to Obtain

  • Shuan (8000g; 10 for 80000g)