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Advanced Heavy Stander

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For the Heavy Stander that reduces melee damage and stun, see Heavy Stander.

Knockdown Immunity.png


  • A perceived inherent ability of monster that nullifies virtually all the knockdown, push-back, and/or stun of any attack.
    • Due to its stun immunity, skills being or after it has loaded will not cancel unless it triggers normally or the monster decides to cancel it.
    • However, the monster may not have all the attributes listed. For example, while Glas Ghaibhleann is immune to knockdown, it is vulnerable to stun and push-back.
    • If the monster is defeated and/or sent into Deadly, they will simply "bounce" in the spot during their death animation. Certain monsters may fall backward.
  • Despite the effects of the ability, there are monsters that can be stunned with Shock, Shadow Spirit, or Wings of Rage and frozen by Ice Spear (provided the monster lacks Mana Deflector) or Frozen Blast.
  • Melee combos against monsters with this attribute are infinite and will stop only if normal Heavy Stander activates or the monster has begun to retaliate.
  • Because the monster cannot be knocked down or pushed-back, it will not be bounced off by Counterattack and it will continue attacking as if the skill failed to trigger (though the monster will take Counterattack's damage).
  • When a monster with Advanced Heavy Stander is using Defense or Counterattack, countering them with Smash or any ranged attack respectively will not cancel their skill, and will only cancel when their AI calls for it.
    • It is not advisable to use Windmill for this as it resets the AI.
  • Some player skills exhibit Advanced Heavy Stander effects
    • Giants can use the Wind Guard skill which grants similar properties to this ability.
    • Using Act 6: Crisis will temporarily grant both the marionette and the user Advanced Heavy Stander.
    • Marionettes gain Advanced Heavy Stander properties during the charging animation of Act 7: Climactic Crash.
    • Using Berserk grants Advanced Heavy Stander for its duration.
    • Using Shield of Trust will temporarily provide the knockdown immunity of this ability for approximately 5 seconds.
  • Targets frozen by Frozen Blast or Petrification or are Pinned will also exhibit a sort of Advanced Heavy Stander, though the target is unable to move nor attack.
  • Monsters with Advanced Heavy Stander cannot be targeted by Assault Slash or Pummel. This is due to the fact that both skills require the target to be knocked down either prior to using or during the skill, which the ability prevents.

Monsters with the Skill

The names in italics are monsters who can be stunned continuously either from Shock, Shadow Spirit or Wings of Rage.


  • "Advanced Heavy Stander" is a player-based term.