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Beginner Chat

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Future content.png As of Generation 12, Season 2, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.


A new global chat for beginner players. It allows new players to find other new players of a similar level and experience in the game and help each other familiarize themselves with the world or Mabinogi. Also older players can turn on the beginner chat by going to 'Options > Game > Chat' And ticking the 'Join Beginner Channel' tick box and then re-logging back into Mabinogi.


  • This chat channel is automatically used for characters under the total level of 30
  • The beginner chat channel can be enabled by anyone in the chat settings to be used for characters with a total level over 30
  • The beginner chat channel is supposedly a chat channel for beginners to socialize
  • The chat can be heard and used throughout the different channels of a server.
    • Basically this is a server-wide chat channel, similar to the guild chat
  • Keep this in mind that the Beginner Chat is frequently used by Bots to advertise every now and then.
    • Additionally, the Beginner Chat may be subject to large quantities of spam, and/or inappropriate topics.
    • For computers that have problems with HackShield kicking them off due to slow speed of the computer (HackShield says it's a 'speed-related hacking tool'), Beginner Chat may need to be turned off in order to play Mabinogi.
    • Remember that settings like the chat filters are for the client on the computer the changes were made on, not the account.


  • It does not immediately start working upon turning the option on and may only work on certain channels *unconfirmed if this has been fixed*