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Options Dialog

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This document describes the game client's option dialog (accessible by pressing the "windows" key and selecting "options").

To open the Option dialog, open the System menu and choose Options.



Video tab
Video Card
Graphics settings changed. Restart the game to apply the change.
Choices: Varies by Graphics Card model and number of monitors.
  • These choices may not be available on every computer.
RES (Resolution)
Lower resolution helps display softer animation. Resolution that is higher than the hardware specification may slow the game play.
This option has no effect in windowed mode, use edge selection to change the size of the game in windowed mode.
Choices: 800*600, 1024*768, 1152*864, 1280*960, 1280*1024, 1600*1200 (widescreen mode: 1280*720, 1280*768, 1280*800, 1680*1050, 1920*1200)
  • These choices may not be available on every computer.
Color Depth
The higher the color quality, the sharper and cleaner the game will look. If the settings exceed the hardware specification, however, the game will slow down considerably.
Choices: "It doesn't matter," "Low (16 bit)," "High (32 bit)"
Full-screen Anti-aliasing
High level anti aliasing can generate soft graphics on the screen. Settings exceeding the hardware specification may create issues with the game play. Anti aliasing mode is not differentiated by brand names of graphic card vendors.
Interface Color
Modifies the appearance and transparency of the HUD and windows inside the game.
Color Choices: Sky Blue Glass, Electric Gray, Doll Pink, Gray Thin Grass, Flaming Dev, Ivory, Cherry Pink, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Spring Herbs, Golden Apricot, Urban Man, Old Mustard, Summer Sea
Transparency Choices: Opaque, Translucent, or Transparent (Only 2 will appear depending on the interface color selected)
Determines the brightness in full screen mode.
Expand Dungeon Zoom
Dungeon Range of Vision (100% ~ 200%)
Adjusts the maximum Zoom Out value.
Despite what it says, this also affects fields.
Range of Vision
Landscape range of vision (100% ~ 300%)
Adjusts the range of view for the surrounding landscape. You can expand to a maximum of 300%, but expanding may slow the game speed. Changing this option will not influence the vision for other characters, monsters, changing objects (i.e. campfire, seal stone, etc.).
Widescreen Mode
Toggles the ability to select wide screen resolutions in the Resolution drop down.
Note: You can always see the same horizontal distance regardless of height, meaning you will see less vertically the wider you make the game. This can make it hard to see the health of tall enemies.
This option has no effect in windowed mode.
Use Film Style Post Shader
Digital post processing is done to render a movie-like screen. (Some may be unable to choose this option.)
Use Vertical Sync
Synchronize game rendering and monitor frequency. In case of PCs with lower spec, this may lead to minor performance drop.
This option only works in full-screen mode.


Effect tab
Shadow Effect
High quality setting can minimize wavy lines in the shadow. Setting it higher than the hardware specification may slow the game play.
Choices: "Not Used," "Low," "Normal," "High"
Critical Effect
This is to adjust the flash on the screen for a critical hit and other occasions. Adjust the flash on the screen for a critical hit and other occasions. Please select 'Light' or 'Not Used' if you feel nauseous or tired after playing for an extended period.
Choices: "Not Used," "Light," "Normal"
Water Reflection
Allows the game to display reflection of landscape and characters on the water surface. 'Simple' or 'Detailed' option requires a video card matching GeForce4 Ti or Radeon 8500 class. Using this option can display beautiful images but may slightly slow down the game speed.
Choices: "Not Used," "Simple," "Detailed"
This options allows you to see footprints in certain regions.
Choices: "Not Used," "My Character," "My Party Members and I," "All Characters"
Enables using low quality colors in patterns to make them appear as high quality colors. Enable this option if your hardware does not support 32bit color.
Full Scene Effect
This option enables a special effect to display the afterimage.
Sky Rendering (Render Heavenly Bodies)
Use the option to see the sun, the moon and the stars. Clouds will appear partially hidden by mountains, resulting in an odd effect. There is little difference in game speed after selecting this option.
Rendering Specular
Use the option to display render specular.
Outline Rendering
In case of experiencing problems with the hardware specification, disabling the Outline Rendering may improve the game play.
Alpha Fog
Makes fog appear semi-transparent. Game speed can be improved a little by disabling this option.
Glow Effect
An example of glow effects turned on and off.
A special effect to render the light source and reflections on objects. Using this option may lower the frame rate a little.
Toggle on and off with the shortcut key.
  • This option requires a video card supporting Pixel Shader version 1.1 or higher.
Shadow Blurring
Shadows are blurred to make them appear more realistic.


Sound tab
Sound Effect Volume
Controls the volume of most in game sounds.
BGM Volume (Background Music Volume)
Controls the volume of the background music.
Instrument Volume (Bard Music Volume)
Controls the volume of players playing an instrument.
Performance Options
All - You can hear everyone singing and playing instruments.
Party Only - You can only hear your party singing and playing instruments.
Myself Only - You can only hear yourself singing and playing instruments.
Using NPC Theme Music
Plays music for each NPC during a conversation.
Using 3D Sound
Game speed can improve a little by disabling 3D sound.
Use Sound FX for Footsteps
Disabling sound FX for footsteps may slightly increase the speed of the game.
BGM Options
Default - No change to BGMs.
Prague FH Ver. - When selected, certain BGMs will be replaced with songs from the 2019 Mabinogi Orchestra Digital Album.
Korean Symphony Orchestra - Plays the Korean Symphony Orchestra version of songs, when available.
Play Background Sounds
Sounds will play even when the game screen is not active.


Performance tab
Auto Control of Visual Field
Depending on the performance of the client, the visual field may be automatically controlled.
Min. Frame/Sec
Setup the minimum frame from which to begin application of automatic control of visual field.
% Range Reduct.
The minimum ratio for the field that is being set.
Minimize nearby characters
Depending on the performance of the client, nearby characters can be minimized. (Hotkey '0')
Maintain frame
Setup the minimum frame from which to begin minimizing all nearby characters.
Does not minimize party members
When minimizing nearby characters, party members of your own party are excluded.
Demigod Effect
An example of demigod display in "Full Display" and "Simplified."
Choosing to simplify when there are performance issues may help the game run more smoothly.
Choices: "Fully display all characters," "Fully display only my character," "Simplify all characters"
Quick world-entry
Using this option will allow instant loading and therefore decrease the loading time when you enter a wide world. You may enter the world faster, but on low-performance computers, the game frame may drop for a certain amount of time after loading.
Dynamic loading
Adjust the speed of instant loading.
Mini Effects
Short for "Minimize Effects." Using this option will minimize most skill and object effects. Various special effects will be turned off but performance will be increased. It is recommended to reconnect after turning this option on. When taking part in an Iria Raid, accepting the offer to optimise settings enables this option.
Disable Screen Shake
Turn on to remove screen shake effect from skills and monster movement. Does not disable screen shake in cutscenes.



Control tab
Press Esc to cancel skills.
Press ESC to cancel the skill selected when it is on and close the window when it is off.
Press Esc to close window.
Automatic weapon slot conversion
When using skills, it will convert automatically to the slot that contains the necessary weapons.
For example, if a player is armed with a Bow in the auxiliary weapon slot and tries to use Magnum Shot, the player will automatically switch to a bow.
Only works for offensive skills. For example, if the player is armed with a Fishing Rod in the auxiliary weapon slot and tries to use Fishing, it will not switch but instead give off a warning message that the player is not equipped with said weapon in their main slot.
Repeat Playing Instrument
Repeats the Playing Instrument and Song skills.
Enable Hot-Keys
Utilize hotkeys to use items inside the bag.
If this is disabled, you will not be able to use food, potions or feathers in the item bag when the appropriate hotkey is pressed. The items in the bag will be effectively "locked out" until you open the bag and select "use" on the item specifically.
Cursor Targeting
Target enemies adjacent to your cursor.
If enabled, right clicking targets requires a double click for the character menu to show.
Optimum View Angle
Optimizes the camera view angle when the location changes.
Use Skill after Targeting
Use skills on selected target right away.
Display knockdown gauge.
Allows you to see how much you must attack before an enemy is knocked down.
Close info window when Pet/Partners summoned
If enabled, the Pet/Partner information window will close automatically every time a Pet or Partner is summoned.
CTRL-Key Target System
Mouse Cursor
Press CTRL to select and target an enemy nearest to the mouse cursor for an easy click. Press CTRL + TAB to select the target of the current battle.
Current Target
It always selects the current target first. If there's no current target, it'll automatically select the nearest enemy.
Reserve Attack
Not Used
Disables Reserve Attack option. (Not recommended for players that experience heavy lag)
Limit the attack reservation to one time.
Multiple Times
Enables multiple attacks to be queued.
Auto Combat
Toggles Auto Combat on or off.
Flight Options
Pilot with the W, A ,S, and D keys and Space Bar.
Pilot the bird with the W, A ,S, and D keys and Space Bar. Activating this option temporarily disables the commands corresponding to these keys.
Open the Pilot's Manual Upon Takeoff
Opens the pilot's manual upon takeoff.
Tower Cylinder Options
Aiming Mode
When using a Tower Cylinder, aim by moving the mouse instead of by readjusting the camera with the mouse.
View control manual
Opens the Tower Cylinder manual when using the action.
Giant/Nascent Divinity Camera Height Adj.
When enabled, centers the camera's height to better accommodate Giants and some large transformations.
Use Skill Cam
Enable/disable the Falcon/Beast special skills cutscenes and Classic Spirit Weapon Awakening cutscene.
Auto Adjust Font Size in NPC Chat Window
The font size will automatically be adjusted depending on the resolution.
Ignore Skill Use Balloon Icon Click
When enabled, removes the ability to cancel a skill by clicking on the skill balloon that appears above a character's head.
Use Marionette Camera
When enabled, centers the camera on a player's summoned Marionette instead of the player.
Hotkey Settings
Change Hotkey Settings

List of Hotkeys

The following is a list of default keys and a brief description of what it does, not all functions have hotkeys bound to it.


Chatting tab
Channel Setup
Hide Channel
Hide chat messages from a chat channel (Party, Whisper, Guild, Trade, System).
Show From Default Channel
Display chat messages from the channel across the entire channels.
Set Channel Color
Change the color of the channel message selected. For example, you may change the Whisper color from its default yellow to the Guild channel's default of green. All colors can be re-arranged to the user's preference.
Blacklist Setting


Etc. tab
Show Extra Skill Slot 1
Enables an extra skill slot.
Show Extra Skill Slot 2
Enables a second extra skill slot.
Lock Extra Skill Slot
Locks the extra skill slot.
Locked skills cannot be removed from the window.
Prevents the window from being moved.
Small Skill Icons
Changes the size of skill icons.
Show Secondary Skill Array
Sets up the skill array to show secondary skills.
Show Pet Skill Slot
Displays topmost pet skill slots.
Use 24-Hour Clock
Use the 24-hour clock to display the current time (for example: 0:00 for 12:00AM, 15:00 for 3:00PM).
Warn if dropping an expensive item
Displays a warning pop-up when dropping an item with a listed NPC purchase value of more than 10,000 Gold.
Allow PVP
Selects the PVP status. (With this option, you may be attacked by the blacklisted user.)
PVP permission between the Paladin and the Dark Knight
Turns on/off Paladin vs. Dark Knight PVP. This can not be activated or deactivated if the user is in a state of transformation.
PVP permission between the Elf and the Giant
Turns on/off Elf vs. Giant PVP. Humans who support Elves can PVP against Giants and against humans who support Giants and vice versa. This option can only be toggled once every 3 minutes in real time.
Allow Equipment View
This allows others to see all equipped clothing, armor, accessories and weapons (including Spirit Weapons) when right-clicking your character. If your equipment is enchanted/upgraded, this will also be visible to others.
Make Journal public
Allows others to compare their Journals with yours.
Summons finish automatically
Allows the summoned pet, partner, or marionette to finish a defeated monster in your place.
Skip all transformation cut-scenes
The transformation movies of the Paladin, Dark Knight, Beast, Demi-God and more are omitted.
Auto Refuse Soulmates
Automatically refuses anyone who asks the player to be soulmates during Doki Doki Events. Option only appears during event.
Hide Quest Info
Hide quest markers and quest arrows.
Lock the Dorcha Gauge in place
This will set the onscreen location of the Dorcha Gauge.
Don't display Today's Tip
This prevents the gameplay tips windows from showing up.
Hide Talent Title Icon
Lock Attribute Marbles
Fix the position of the Attribute UI that shows the attributes' current Stacked status.
Highlight New Items
Newly acquired items will be highlighted to make them easier to spot.
Display Equip Comparison
Displays a tooltip of your currently equipped item so that you can compare stats and abilities.
Quick Equip
Use this functionality to auto equip/remove equipment items quickly with Ctrl + Left-Click.
Disable the Technique Card Display
Press the Alt key to hide the Technique Card that's displayed above the character
Default Window Position
Synchronizes the position of all windows within the game.