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Blessing Guidebook

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Blessing Guidebook[1]
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A guidebook that explains blessing in detail.

Obtain From Kristell (?)
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The Holy Water of Lymilark helps the durability of an item last longer.
However, that is not all it's used for.
Items that have been blessed will not be dropped even when you get knocked out during battle.

The Holy Water of Lymilark can be obtained by doing work at the church.
Guidebook blessing 1.jpg

To use the potion, right-click on the potion and click on 'Use'.
Guidebook blessing 2.jpg

Once you click on 'Use', a new window appears, asking you to select an item you wish to bless.
Guidebook blessing 3.jpg

Select the item and it will begin applying the potion.
Guidebook blessing 4.jpg

Wait a few moments. It's complete!
Guidebook blessing 5.jpg

Guidebook blessing 6.jpg

If you have a Large Holy Water of Lymilark, you can even bless all your items at once.
Guidebook blessing 7.jpg

Besides this, the Holy Water of Lymilark is also used during counter-enchant and for making potions.
Because it is such a useful item, the Holy Water of Lymilark is a hot commodity amongst people that sells for a high price.

Why not do some part-time work for the church? You can make money and earn a valuable item at the same time.
So? What are you waiting for?