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Bubble Blast

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Bubble Blast.png
A skill that allows you to capture a monster or another player inside a bubble and float them in the air. The captured monster will float in the air inside the bubble for a fixed time, then when the bubble bursts, the monster will come back down. You can employ the skill playfully on other players or party members, but you should be careful since the skill consumes a lot of mana.


Only usable by the Black Mud Crab and Red Rock Crab pets.

  • The player can say "Bubble!" to have the pet prepare the skill. The player may then select a monster, party member, or themselves by right clicking the target and selecting "Bursting Bubbles."
  • The pet uses 10 Mana for every bubble.
  • Targets trapped in the bubble will float in the air.
    • Friendly targets may break the bubble by moving, however enemies cannot break the bubble.
    • The bubble will work on friendly targets 100% of the time.
    • The chance to trap an enemy in a bubble is based solely on the enemy's CP, and not on the CP or level of the pet.
  • The bubble lasts about approximately one minute on friendly targets and 10 seconds on enemies.
  • The bubble will also work on players who have used transformation mastery (untested if there is any transformations that can not be bubbled)