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Caravan Joe' O-X Quiz Event (2018)

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For similar events, see Mabinogi Quiz Show (disambiguation).
For a page with just the answers, see OX Quiz Event/Questions.
Caravan Joe's O-X Quiz advertisement

Wednesday, August 29th - Thursday, 2018, September 20th, Thursday, 2018


Caravan Joe's dragging the O-X Quiz back for another round! We've got a new set of questions about the world of Mabinogi, and the world outside as well, to go along with a new prizes for the bright players who know all the answers, so gather together and answer all the questions you can.


Event Details

  • Upon logging in, find the Orange Wing of the Goddess item in your inventory that will transport you to the Quiz grounds
  • Enter the Quiz Area before the start of each hour in order to participate in that round of questions. At the start of each hour, the Quiz area will be blocked off and the challenge commences!
  • All participants will be given a statement that is either True or False, and given a short time to select their answer. If you think the statement is True, then run into the blue O box. If you believe it to be False, get into the red X box!
  • If your answer is correct, you'll receive between 1-5x Chaotic OX Quiz Coupons, based on the number of Caravan Joe's in the area for the correct area, and you'll stick around for another question.
  • If your answer is wrong, you receive no coupons and will be removed from the Quiz area.
  • Stop the numerous Caravan Joes from making his way into the zone for the correct answer with melee attacks. The fewer there are in the correct answer's zone, the more Coupons you'll receive!
  • Trade your Coupons into the OX Quiz Helper for a variety of prizes.
  • Answering all 10 questions correctly awards 1 Normal OX Quiz Box

Event Rewards

O-X Quiz Helper Shop

Trade Coupons earned from Caravan Joe's O-X Quiz to O-X Quiz Helper for the following prizes:

Normal OX Quiz Box Rewards

Randomly rewards one of the following items:

Special OX Quiz Box

Randomly rewards one of the following items:

Note: On the website, Common Silk is listed as Normal silk and Model Student Kupa Umbrella as Nerdy Kupa Umbrella among Normal OX Quiz Box rewards.