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Category:Rundal Dungeon

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Rundal Dungeon.
Rundal Dungeon's Altar of Goddess.
A room inside Rundal Dungeon.

Rundal Dungeon is a subterranean dungeon located in eastern Emain Macha. Each chamber is spacious, and it is relatively easier to avoid being noticed by monsters. Rundal Dungeon is similar to Rabbie Dungeon, with less spawns, less rooms, but more variety of monsters and different scenery. Some rooms may have more than two types of enemies. The dungeon is likely an elaborate system of cisterns that were occupied by the Fomors during their war against humanity. Unlike almost every other dungeon, no complete walls separate the rooms, only gothic fences, allowing you to see into rooms ahead and possibly prepare for pre-spawned enemies.



  • In Irish, runda means "secret" or "confidential."



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