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Emain Macha

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An overview of Emain Macha.

Description and Geography

Minimap of Emain Macha.
A lakeside city surrounding the Sen Lake.


Emain Macha suffered through many years of turmoil due to foreign imperial rule and the Fomor Clan invasion. Reconstructed to its former splendor and revived as an important cultural center, Emain Macha is famous for the Knight's Templar, a place of honor for courageous and legendary heroes.[1]

Commerce Emain Macha Icon.png Emain Macha is a city which sits on the northern edge of Lake Sen in central Uladh. Famous for its magnificent art and architecture, the city was long ruled by the lord of Emain Macha.

The westerly sea wind from the east causes heavy rainfall over Dunbarton and subsequently loses most of its moisture content in Antrim Mountains. Then, the wind picks up additional water vapor from rivers surrounding Antrim Mountains and arrives in Emain Macha and Tara. Thus, the precipitation is uniform year-round. The pleasant climate also contributes to a growth in the population and the size of the city.

Osna Sail, to the north-east, connects Emain Macha to the city of Dunbarton, while the Blago Prairie to the west leads to Uladh's capital city, Tara. Coill Dungeon can be found located to the north-west, While Rundal Dungeon can be found to the east of the city.

Due to its balmy climate and high precipitation, Emain Macha exports corn in vast quantities.

Players can come to Emain Macha's church to get married. See the main article on Marriage for more information.


  • The Observatory, located in the town square, has a Viewscope, which enables a short cutscene displaying the highlights of the city, as well as a Telescope.
  • The Cathedral, functions as a major congregation for followers of the Church of Lymilark.
  • The Restaurant Gordon owns, Loch Lios, is found here.
  • Emain Macha has two stages for performances: The small stage, near the Town square, and the much bigger Arpeggio Concert Hall.
  • Bean Rua, Emain Macha's famous night club, also known as the "paradise of red-haired ladies".
  • The Paladin Training Grounds, northwest of the city, where recruits train to become Paladins in order to serve and fight for Morrighan.
  • The Advancement Test Hall, to the north of the city.
  • The Puppet Workshop in the southwestern corner of Emain Macha, where one can learn the art of Puppetry.
  • There are three cutouts that can be found around the town: Succubus Signboard, Imp and Golem Cutout, and Nao Billboard.
  • The Emain Macha Cooking Contest is held every Samhain (Saturday) in the Town Square.


  • A magic school formerly stood in the current location of Paladin training grounds, but it was closed under unknown circumstances.

Areas of interest


Animal/Crop/Monster Source
Resource Obtained From Location
Wool.png Wool Sheep North-Eastern fields
Milk.png Milk Cow (NPC) North-Eastern fields
Egg.png Egg Hen North-Eastern fields
Cobweb.png Cobweb Spiders
(automatic production)
South of the Advancement Test Hall
Corn.png Corn Harvesting Fields (Farmlands north and west of the town)
Resource Obtained From Location
Apple.png Apple Apple Tree City outskirts north, east, and west
Resource Obtained From Location
Water.png Water Wells, Lake Sen Restaurant Pier
West and East of the Castle
Near Rua's House
Large Nail.png Large Nail
Small Gem.png Small Gem
Small Green Gem.png Small Blue Gem.png Small Red Gem.png Colored Small Gems
Hitting man-made objects Pathways
Bundle of Flower.png Bundle of Flowers
Fresh Grass.pngFresh Grass
Four-Leaf Clover.png Four-Leaf Clover
Flower Field City outskirts



  • Blacksmith
  • General Shop
  • Church
  • Grocery Store
  • Healer's House
  • Housing Board
  • Trading Post
  • Receivable QUest Board

Fishing List


Areas Connected


Track Title
Scenery Reflected in the Water
Emain Macha
Fairy's Flight
Emain Macha Square
The Crossing of Hands
Emain Macha Throne room
Rosy Lipstick on a Wine Glass
Bean Rua

Local NPCs


  • Far south of Emain Macha, there is a small island that cannot be reached under normal circumstances. The only identifying feature of this island is that it has a sign that contains a single, four lettered word marked as XXXX.
    • Using the Telescope at the top of the Observatory will reveal that a series of numbers is printed on the sign. However, the numbers change each time the cutscene is viewed.
    • During Generation 22, James explains that the island where the signpost lies has ties to The Tragedy of Emain Macha. The signpost has a magic spell cast on it, which may explain why the numbers on it change.
  • There are fields near the Healer's House, but they do not bear any harvestable crops.
  • Emain Macha (pronounced /awən maxə/) is based on a real-life site.
    • Macha refers to both the Goddess Macha and the word macha, which refers to a cattle-field or plain.
    • The exact meaning of the word Emain is debated; the words twin and brooch are given in various stories. It may instead be a derivation of an older word that meant holy mound.
  • Using the Macha the Goddess of Destruction Keyword on Delen in-game reveals that she believes the word Emain means another body or twin.