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General Information

A title comes after your name and is visible around those around you. Wear your titles with pride!

A title is a descriptive heading beside one's name. It is obtained by meeting certain requirements in the game. Each title has its unique effects, and can change a character's stats for better or for worse. In rare cases, applying a title to one's name allows the character to learn an unknown skill.

Titles existing in Mabinogi can be classified into categories. Currently, 100 'normal' titles are available, while other titles can be only be obtained through special means.

Accessing the titles is enabled through the Character Status panel by clicking on the Title window. Titles listed as unknown (???) represent those that are not available to a character, whereas inactive (gray) titles indicate that although the titles are known, they have not yet been obtained. Active (white) titles can freely be used by selecting them and then pressing the "Use Title" button.

While one is at the liberty of substituting titles at will, titles cannot be changed again until midnight passes within the game, effectively limiting title changes to once every in-game day (36 minutes).

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