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Catering Dish

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Inventory icon of Catering Dish

2 × 2

There's a surplus of delicious food bound to excite your taste buds at feasts. Use this dish to cater a feast and prepare various dishes.

Methods to Obtain

Used In

  • Creates a feast on the ground that provides a buff when clicked on.
    • The buff is a mixture of the stat bonuses from all the items used to create the Catering Dish, but with no Hunger recovery or Appearance changes.
      • You may only benefit of the stats of one Catering Dish at a time; the most recent Catering Dish will have priority.
      • Catering Dish effects do not stack with other cooked food effects nor shared food effects from a Campfire.
    • The duration of the feast's effects is determined by the Catering rank of the player who lays down the feast.
    • The length of time the feast remains on the ground is determined by the Catering rank of the player who crafted the Catering Dish.
    • The duration that the Catering Dish stays on the field is based on the creator's rank of Catering.
      • The catering dish will disappear if the owner leaves the channel or enters a Homestead.
    • Other players can interact and use the catering dish, even if they are not in the same party as the person who laid down the feast.
  • The appearance of a Catering Dish changes based on the number of dishes combined.
    • The appearance can also change if the player uses certain 2nd Titles.


  • It is possible to create Catering Dishes without a stat bonus by combining certain foods, such as Bread Crumbs.