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Party Details

  • A Party grants players the ability to:
    • Enter a Dungeon or a Shadow Mission with 1-8 people.
      • Only the party leader is allowed to create the dungeon or the Shadow Mission.
    • Equally share all experience gained while in a party.
      • This can be changed in Party Menu under the EXP-sharing Rule.
    • Use Party Quests to gain Gold and Experience as a party.
      • Gold and EXP earned by Party Quests are shared equally throughout the entire party.
    • Create a Guild with a regular (not dungeon!) party that has exactly 5 members, with the designated guild leader as party leader.
      • Extra Storage service is required to create a guild.
    • Chat privately to your party through the Party (chat) channel.
    • Play music with Jam Session in sync with other members of the party.
    • Activate Group Gestures for group idle animation equipment.
  • Party Healing will heal the player and party members nearby.
  • Production Skills's success rate is boosted with additional members. Member's Production Skill Ranks contribute as a total to the whole party.
  • Pressing Ctrl+P hides party advertisements from all players.
  • If a party member logs off or disconnects, they are automatically removed from that party.
  • If a party member changes channel, it will be broadcasted to other party members, however the game does not record party members within other channels.

Creating a Party

  • Open the Friend/Party Window and press the 'Party' button.
    • Alternatively, you can use your 'Party' hotkey. "P" is the default
  • On the 'New Party' window, select the type of party you would like to create.
    • Only Regular Party can be used to create a guild.
    • Music Jam Band can only be created if you have the Jam Session action.
    • Dungeon type parties will be advertised in the '<PARTY>' section of the chat.
      • This type of party is frequently used to sell items, as the party request is visible in all places on the same channel.
  • After selecting a type of party,
    • For Regular Party:
      • Enter a Party Name
      • Select a Party Size
      • (Optional) Enter a Password
      • Decide whether if the party will be shown on the Party Board or not
        • (Optional) Select a Goal
          • (Optional) Select an Item
        • (Optional) Select party restrictions
      • The party will stay up approximately 1 minute before closing.
    • For Dungeon:
      • Enter the Dungeon Name
      • Enter the Dungeon Level
      • (Optional) Enter some Info about the party
      • Select a Party Size
      • (Optional) Enter a Password
      • Decide whether if the party will be shown on the Party Board or not
        • (Optional) Select a Goal
          • (Optional) Select an Item
        • (Optional) Select party restrictions
      • The party will stay open approximately 15 minutes before closing.
      • The party's dungeon name, dungeon level, and description will be broadcasted all over the channel in the party message log periodically while the party is open.
    • For Music Jam Band:
      • Knowledge of the 'Jam Session' Action
      • The party will stay up approximately 1 minute before closing.
  • Click 'Form a Party' to complete your party creation

Joining a Party

  • To join a party, simply click a party advertisement over the player's head.
    • If the party has selected to be advertised on the Party Board, you can join the party from the Party Board.
    • If the party is full, you will not be able to join until someone has left the party.
    • If a password has been designated, enter the party's password.
      • Parties with passwords will show a yellow key next to the capacity of the party.
  • It is possible to leave the party inside a Dungeon, however it is not inside a Shadow Mission or Theatre Mission.

Party Rules

  • There are two different party rules: Finish Rule and EXP-Sharing Rule.
    • For Finish Rule:
      • Biggest Contributor: The one who hits the monster the most times receives the finish to it, otherwise it goes to the person who did the most damage.
      • By Turn: Finishing for party members goes in a 'turn'.
      • Anyone in the Party: When one member defeats the monster, it will have the 'Finish' over it. Anyone inside the party will then be able to make the finish.
    • For EXP-Sharing Rule:
      • Equal to Everyone: The EXP received from a monster is distributed evenly throughout the party.
      • More to Finish: The member who defeated a monster gains more EXP from it while everyone else gains less.
      • All to Finish: The member who defeated a monster gains all the EXP from it while everyone else gains none.

Squad Details

Squad Information
  • A 'Squad is a 16 player party intended for a Raid Dungeon.
    • Separated into 4 "Units," each with a appointed lieutenant.
      • The Lieutenants can reassign members within their own unit.
      • 3rd and 4th squads have all their slots set to "closed" by default.
        • To enable the 3rd and 4th units, positions in the first two units must be closed in the first two units.
  • The Leader is referred to as Captain.
  • Players can move to the area behind the pub in Emain Macha by clicking the "Move" button in the Squad Info menu.
    • This only works if there the raid objective has been set.
  • A Squad can collectively change channel by captain's request.
    • Members can refuse to change channel.
  • A Squad can be asked if ready for battle by the squad leader by clicking the "Ready for Battle" button at the top of the Squad Info menu.
    • Members will be prompted to ask if they are ready, if they don't not respond or respond no, a list of who is not ready is presented to the captain.

Creating a Squad

Joining a Squad

Production Party

  • A Party or a Squad of players can share a bonus to the success and/or completion rate of production skills.
    • These bonuses stack on Alban Eiler (Monday) production bonuses.
    • Requires Rank F(?) Production Mastery and Rank F of the production skill being used.
    • Excluding the player's own character, every party member will add a 1% bonus success rate towards the skill being used.
    • The bonus rate becomes 5% when a member of the party has a an equal or higher rank of the skill the player is using.
    • Being on a mount prevents other party members from getting their production bonus, however, as the game assumes the player is non-existent and tries to use the Pet's production bonus, something it does not have.