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Checkmate Melody Box

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Banner for the Checkmate Melody Box.


Do you love playing chess with your friends? What about a giant game of chess? With the new Checkmate Melody Box you can make anything possible! However, this box isn't simply about chess. This box is also a Magical Bingo Box! Check out the details here![1]

Basic Information

Inventory icon of Checkmate Melody Box

2 × 2
Stack: 100

Name Checkmate Melody Box
Description A checkmate melody box adorned with checked patterning. Open it up for a chance at items like the Checkmate Marble Wings and Halo, Checkmate Queen's Dress, Checkmate Harp, and more!
Sold By None NPC Resale Value ? G
Obtained From
  • Item Shop (Limited Time availability from June 20, 2019 - July 18, 2019 for 1,500 NX)
  • Can also be bought from the Web Shop for 15,000 NX for 11 or 57,500 NX for 45.

Bonus Game Details

Checkmate Melody Box Bonus Game
  • After purchasing a Checkmate Melody Box, click on the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to access the Magical Bingo screen
  • Click on the Checkmate Melody Box icon to open the box. It will reward you with a random item from a massive selection, as well as unlocking a random number on the game board.
  • Unlock all of the numbers in a row or column to get the noted item.
  • Unlock all of the numbers on the board to claim the Bingo Grand Prize Box, letting you receive 1 of 4 new Support Puppets!
  • You can shuffle the board, which shuffles all of numbers on the board, except for numbers that have already been unlocked. Everyone has 3 resets to start with, additional resets can be purchased for 1 Pon each.
  • Note: When clicking the Bingo Icon, the Summer Forest Pet Box Bonus UI will appear as well. Just close the UI with the X button to continue to the Bingo Screen.

Support Puppet Box Contents

Complete your entire board to get a random Support Puppet guaranteed!

Checkmate Instrument Box Contents

Open it up to get a random Checkmate Instrument!







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