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Classic Spirit Weapon Quotes

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Quotations of various Spirit Weapons. For info about Spirit moods, go here.

Male Sword

The Male Sword

Happy, Fine Stage 1

"Welcome, 'Character Name'. that a funny way to greet?"

"It's a good day, 'Character Name'. How's your health?"

"I'm here... how can I help you?"

"The air seems dry today..."

"Did you call me?"

"Mm. What's going on, 'Character Name'?"

Fine Stage 2-3

"You want to talk to me...? Hm, that's fine."

"It's you, 'Character Name'... I feel as though you're not paying much attention to me these days, have you been busy?"

"'Character Name', What is it?"

"Good to see you. But... are you sure you're not forgetting anything?"

"Good thing you called. I've been wanting to gain some knowledge."

"'Character Name'... You called? Did you bring an item?"

"Using the mighty power of nature, I give you it's blessings 'Character Name'... I can only do it once a day but... I hope it helps." (Blessing)


"'Character Name'... I feel like you're rarely investing in time in me these days. I'm a bit disappointed."

"...'Character Name', I've been waiting for you to talk to me. Have I not bugged you enough about my growth?"

"'Character Name'? What is it? Do you have any desire to raise me?"


"...I don't want to talk to you. I feel like I'm going to rust away at this rate."

"...What do you want? You don't even pay attention to me nowadays..."

"...Wow, it seems like I haven't seen you in a long time. Is it just me?"

"...Wow, I can't believe you called. What an irresponsible owner."

"'Character Name'? What is it? Do you have any desire to raise me?"

"'Character Name'... I feel like you're rarely investing time in me these days. I'm a bit disappointed..."

"...'Character Name', I've been waiting for you to talk to me. Have I not bugged you enough about my growth?"


"I've been wanting to know more about you... Perfect."

"You want to talk to me...? Hm, that's fine."

"Do you have something to say? Feel free to tell me."

"I am the spirit of the sword,<Spirit Name>. With the name that you have given me and the knowledge you bestow upon me, I will gradually grow stronger. If you want me to be helpful to you, you'll have to put in the effort to raise me. That way, we can both benefit from each other."

"My appearance isn't actually real but it exists for Humans. Thus it is a product of your imagination. Although... I can't say that people's perception of what they would think of a Spirit of the sword would look like doesn't come into play."

"...I am Spirit of the Sword. I like action more than words. So how about we move onto doing new things."

"Right now, there are a lot of new things I don't know yet. Well, it's not that I don't know... I just have to relearn them."

"That sounds good and all...but don't you think you've been negligent about giving me knowledge lately? It's not even that hard. You just need to feed me common items. I hope I can trust you with at least that."

"Just like how Spirits and Humans don't partake in the same activities, it's the same with skills. There's no skill that i can teach you. I might be able to give you some pointers on things, but that's about it..."

"You seem to really like asking me questions...I would like to live up to your expectations as well, but unless you give me some knowledge, I can't do that. Please give me an item from the Human world. Even from one single item made from the Human world I can gain great amounts of knowledge. I will answer your questions after that."

"Just as Humans need a place to rest a sword also needs a good sheath. Taking care of good weapons is an important task."

"You can't receive energy directly from nature? It must be inconvenient for animals and Humans."

"I don't know much about clothes..."

"Books are useless to me. If you want to impart knowledge to me, get me a sword. I can gain knowledge by absorbing the sword's experiences."

"Music...? I'm not sure if what you're talking about is the same thing I'm thinking about..."

"It's one of those instruments that play's sad that I can never experience that no matter how much knowledge I gain."

"It sounds like a skill that doesn't really have anything to do with me, but...if I should know about it, teach me."

"It's a place where many people gather...I don't really like loud and crowded places, but if you want to go, I guess I have no choice."

"Isn't the Windmill used when you're surrounded by multiple enemies...It's not a skill? Mm, I guess I had it wrong."

Female Sword

The Female Sword

Happy, Fine Stage 1

"I missed you, 'Character Name'! What, what's wrong?"

"Good day!"

"Let's go! Come on!"

"Hmm... Do you want my blessing, 'Character Name'? Well, it can only be used once per day... ... Don't feel nervous about it, though!"

"Huh, is it alright to talk about?"

"How are you doing?"

"I am... bored... Tell me something funny!"

"How's everything going?"

"How's your day going?"

"Haha! It's good to have a companion like me, don't you think?"

"'Character Name', have you been busy lately?"

Fine Stage 2-3


"Haha, I'm a little hungry!"

"Hmm... Do you know what I want? Items."

"I want a snack... Give me anything, I can absorb anything..."

" know what? I need to talk with you. ...And I need to eat."

"Am I bugging you? Just because I want food? *tsk* You are cheap!"

"'Character name'... I'm starving! Do you have something to eat? Just give me anything."

"Hey, I'm starving! Give me some food!"


"It'll be your fault if I die of starvation!!"

"I don't mind having conversations with you, but I want more items. Now! Give me something good!"

"I don't have much of an appetite right now... Give me something good! Stop giving me cheap items, you miser!"

"I don't want to talk about this, but... Please, be nice to me! My abilities are getting weaker..."

"You are a bad Human! …Not a single item for me! *tsk*"

"*groan* ...I'm starving...Do you think I can live without food?"


"...What are you talking about...?"

"Spirit Stone contains a spirit like me in the purest form. ...However some of them are called a spirit fossil because they've been inside of that stone for so long. That is another reason to learn the Refining skill... Well, I'm just letting you know."

"I've been sleeping in the form of a spirit stone. Since you brought me back to this world, and tried to teach me about this world, I'll do my best to help you out. So be nice to me. Understand?"

"You seem to look down on me because I have a baby face. Although I look younger, I'm ages older than you, so show me some respect!!"

"You never listen to me... and now you expect me to want to listen to you!"

"This world is too Human oriented. I think I can carry a conversation with you because I'm in Human form. If I wasn't, would you be able to talk to me at all? Well, -name here-... you maybe different..."

"Can I take this? I heard some Humans give some weird stuff to their spirits. Poor things... You don't need to feed us that kind of thing in order to help us learn about Human world... They are just too cruel... Don't you have to be more careful to something important to you...? What do you think, -name here-...?"

"Most humans judge something on their appearances. Don't they? Some Humans even seem to believe that appearances are all that matter. Humans seem to apply the same logic to spirits. However, I know you are a different type of Human. I know you won't just on something solely based on their appearances. Haha!"

"Hey, listen. -name here-. I don't think Humans are bad... Long time ago... I heard Humans are irresponsible. When Humans make a mess, they don't seem to clean their own mess, or they don't even seem to care about it. However, some Humans admit they are irresponsible. Yet those Humans don't do anything about it either!! ...What, I'm the irresponsible one? -name here-, I'm not!!!"

"I heard there's a spirit of water at Ceo Island. I heard she looks gorgeous, but she doesn't seem to be confident in her appearance. I wonder why... Maybe she has low self esteem... I want to have her appearance, but I don't want her personality."

"Well... the best skill I know... I don't think Humans are capable of learning that skill... ...maybe you can prove me wrong. *chuckle*"

"Spirit Summoning Skill? I'm sorry, -name here-. But you can't use it yet. If you want to use this skill, -name here- then you might want to pay more attention to helping me improve my Social level."

Male Blunt

The Male Blunt Weapon

Happy, Fine Stage 1

"I heard you call. What is it?"

"I'm here."

"Did you call?"

"If you call, I will always answer...master."

"Do you need my help?"

Fine Stage 2-3

"Master,you came."

"Master, please allow me to grow."

"Anytime for you..."

"I don't care if I'm not strong enough yet, if you call me...I will answer."

"Feel free to call me when you need me."

"Whatever master wants...We could talk about that."

"I'm happy that you care about me."

"I have sprinkled the blessing of nature on you, master. I can only do it once a day, but I hope it helps even if it's only a little bit." (Blessing)


"Did you call me? I had something I wanted to ask you about Humans as well. Would you feed me some knowledge, master?"

"Master, please allow me to grow."

"I don't care if I'm not strong enough yet, if you call me...I will answer."

"Anytime for you..."

"Master, you came."


"I need to grow. Could you allow me to grow?"

"I am still lacking many things to answer your call. Could you give me an item, master?"

"I am here. Do you have something to give me?"

"Give me knowledge, master."

"I was waiting for your call. For an opportunity to grow."

"I have stopped growing. But if you still need me..."

"Do you need me? But my strength is too weak."

"You are not nurturing me these days, master."

"Master, at this rate, I will be in danger. If this continues..."



"I am a being that was originally an element of nature.
However, as long as I am attached to a weapon, the owner of the weapon is my master.
Therefore, you are my master.
This will never change."

"I am originally a part of nature...
My appearance that you see right now is just an image that allows you to recognize me and embrace me more easily.
However, one day you will learn a skill that will allow you to use this image as a powerful weapon.
Continue to raise me until you gain that skill, master."

"Finally, the time has come. Master, you can now use the Spirit Awakening Skill.
You can gain the energy to activate the skill by striking with your weapon.
When everything is ready, choose me on the battlefield, and I will personally fight for you." (social level 21+)

Female Blunt

The Female Blunt Weapon

Happy, Fine Stage 1

"How's everything going?"

"...Is there anything I can help you with?..."

"...Are you mad?...Are you?..."

"...I would like you..."

"...You don't look too happy... What's going on?"

"'Character Name'? Did...I make any mistakes?"

"...Are you going to talk to me?"

"...Hm. Well... It is about... hmm.... I...would like to...give you a blessing... Is that alright with you?"

Fine Stage 2-3

"Can I... ...ask you for a favor? ...Please help me improve myself... I would like to have some of your items, 'Character Name'... Can you give me any of them?"

"Can I...ask you for a favor? In order to gain better knowledge about the Human world, 'Character Name', I would like to get some things from you... Can I have some of your belongings?"

"...Ahh... I'm a little dizzy... ...I would like an item to absorb.... Can you feed me anything right now? Anything will do, 'Character Name'..."

"Development is very important, but... order to maintain my status I need some help from you, 'Character Name'.... Please feed me anything you have..."


"...Please don't make me sad..."

"...I need to absorb something... order to survive... ...Please..."

"You don't seem to be interested in me anymore... ...I have very little energy left...Please... ...Help me..."

"...Do you like giving me a hard time? If not, please give me something to absorb..."


"...Help... ...I need something from you... ...Please..."

"Please, give me anything to absorb..."

"...Are you going to ignore... request...?"

"...I'm... ...soooo... ...tired..."

"...Something...Please give me anything to absorb..."

"...I feel like I'm fading... It's too much to bear..."

"...I can't stand this hunger..."

"...I am very sad..."


"...Any questions?"

"...What do you want to talk about?"

"...Please don't get mad if I can't answer you..."

"Well... ...I'm a little too busy right now..."

"...I just want to help..."

"I'm the Spirit of a Blunt Weapon... Humans call me a Spirit Weapon... I made a contract with you, 'Character Name'... It's nice to meet you!"

"...I hesitate a little, when I talk about things that I don't know... Please...don't make fun of me for it..."

"There's a dungeon around Bangor where there are a lot of spirits like me. I think that is one of the reasons you see so many humans around there..."

"...You can only make a contract with one spirit at a time, but that doesn't seem to bother Humans. That's probably because Humans are greedy, am I right? ...I'm just wondering..."

"Now you can use the Spirit Awakening! I can show you something new, 'Character Name'! Something that I haven't had the chance to show you yet..."

"By using your blunt weapon during battles, you can collect energy... ...for Spirit Materialization... ...little-by-little."

Male Bow

The Male Bow

Happy, Fine Stage 1

Fine Stage 2-3

"I was wondering what you were up to, thanks for calling me~"

"Talk? What, ask me whatever you want. ...Something I know!"

"...Um, can we not talk about that right now and talk about something else instead? That topic is boring."

"If they knew how strong and awesome my body is everyone would try to form a contract with a bow!"

"I'm sure you're already amazed by my skills, but compared to the Spirit Summoning skill, you've seen nothing yet!"

"If you want power...I'll give you power."

"You're supposed to be my servant, but I'm not your teacher."

Unhappy Stage 5-6

"'Character Name', 'Character Name', 'Character Name'! Give me an item! I'm starving to death here!" "Come on, you're making me feel pathetic."

"Huh? You want to talk? Sure."

"Talk? What, ask me whatever you want. ...Something I know!"

"Hey, 'Character Name'. Don't you think you're being a bit cold to me these days? I don't know if you noticed, but I'm a little disappointed"

"You love talking too? I love talking. What should we talk about?"

"'Character Name'! Wow, I almost forgot your face! I think I'm losing more memory from starvation. Give me an items! I might really forget what you look like!"

"Sigh... I know that I am naturally far more superior than you, but if you want to ask me questions about the Human world, shouldn't you at least teach me some basic knowledge first?" "Yes. Items please! Start getting me some items, this and that, whatever you can find! Sigh... There's no way I'm going to grow if you just ask me questions I can't answer all day."

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Mm...Uh huh, uh huh... I understand why you keep asking me questions. Where else would you find such a wise and intelligent Spirit like myself?" "That's fine and all, but I need to learn a thing or two about the Human world so I can actually have a conversation with you. Bet here you are, you never give me any items and all you do is ask me questions all day." "If you want to have long and fun conversations with me go get me some items, yea? That way I can continue to talk to you."

"You want to speak to me? Alright, what is it?"

Mad Stage 1-6

"'Character Name', 'Character Name', 'Character Name'! Give me an item! I'm starving to death here!" "Come on, you're making me feel pathetic."

"...Hey, I'm not really in a good mood right now. But then again, when did you ever care about me. I'm tired of talking so let's just drop it, yea?"

"Hey, 'Character Name'. Don't you think you're being a bit cold to me these days? I don't know if you noticed, but I'm a little disappointed"

"What do you want to talk about?"

"'Character Name'! Wow, I almost forgot your face! I think I'm losing more memory from starvation. Give me an items! I might really forget what you look like!"

"Can't you tell I'm upset at you? Ugh, we're not even on the same page. Forget it! I don't have anything to talk to you about"

"...Do you even know... when's the last time you actually listened to one of my requests?" "...How could you remember. That's obviously why you have no clue and keep asking me questions." "If you've made a contract with a spirit, you should be responsible for their growth as well! I'm starting to distrust humans more and more, thanks to you."

"Huh? You want to talk? Sure."

"You love talking too? I love talking. What should we talk about?"

Mad Stage 7-8

"What's the occasion? ...Hey, are you really going to make me beg?"

"I have nothing to say." "...Can't you tell? I have nothing to say. You don't do a single thing for me and you keep expecting me to answer your stupid questions?" "Don't forget that I'm not your slave but you chose me and we made a contract."

"I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. Is it just me?"

"...Hey, I'm not really in a good mood right now. But then again, when did you ever care about me. I'm tired of talking so let's just drop it, yea?"

"Can't you tell I'm upset at you? Ugh, we're not even on the same page. Forget it! I don't have anything to talk to you about"

"...Do you even know... when's the last time you actually listened to one of my requests?" "...How could you remember. That's obviously why you have no clue and keep asking me questions." "If you've made a contract with a spirit, you should be responsible for their growth as well! I'm starting to distrust humans more and more, thanks to you."

"Hey, do you think you can just sign a contract and be so irresponsible? If you keep this up, I'm going to just quit.Hey, 'Character Name', if you keep starving me I'm going to flip out on you! ...I'll think about how...later.

"Talk? What, ask me whatever you want. ...Something I know!"


I'm sure you're already amazed by my skills, but compared to the spirit summoning skill, you've seen nothing yet! Hehe...

Do you want power? If you want power, I'll give you power... But not now, later...

"...Woah. Check out that lady walking over there." "...Huh? What did you say?"

Female Bow

The Female Bow

Happy, Fine Stage 1

"You look better than the last time I saw you! Haha..."

"How's everything going?"

"Ah, how are you doing?"

"Do you need my help?"

"How's your health? Good?"

"How's your day going? Having fun?"

"You don't look too bad,'Character Name'!"

"You never disappoint me, 'Character Name'..."

Fine Stage 2-3

"If you want me to help, this is a very good time to give me an item!"

"Do you know that I get stronger when you are considerate towards me? By the way, have any gifts?"

"Are you going to give me something? Then I wouldn't have to bother you any more..."


"I can't wait much longer until you give me some useful items that would not only help me but also help you, eventually!"

"I need a consistent source of supplies in order to develop... In addition, I can learn more about the Human world with the help of your items."

"Do you know that I got stronger when you are considerate towards me? By the way, have any gifts?"



"...Time to talk...Ask me anything!"

"Just tell me if you want to talk..."

"...Well, I'll let you chose the topic"

"...What do you want to know about me?"

"Do you have any questions?

"...What do you want to talk about?"

"...Lets talk about something constructive, alright?"

"Hmmm... By the way, you should treat me with an item when we talk about something like this! Haha"

"'Character Name', can you tell me some of the trends among Humans right now? Oh, I just want to fit in. *chuckle*..."

"Haha! I don't have the answer for you..."

"Well, I'm not fully satisfied... but since you are a Human... I understand."

"Oh, dear! I can't tell you from the beginning... You don't have a girlfriend, 'Character Name', do you?"

"Don't expect me to answer all of your questions."

"Ask someone else, they will give you the answer you seek."

"...Don't be afraid to ask any question. If you don't know about something, go ahead and ask me!"

"Did we talk about Spirit's Liqueur before? Spirit's Liqueur is just the name of the item for Human convenience, it is actually more of a catalyst for communication between the Human and spirits' worlds. Spirit's Liqueur is best known for its uses in repairing spirit weapons. By transferring the spirit's force into the material world the Spirit Weapons can be transformed into any form that the spirit's contractor make a long story short, Spirit's Liqueur is a necessary inventory item for those who use a Spirit Weapon, because you don't know when you might need to use one......and that is the bottom line...*giggle*"

"Hmmm...from what i've heard, Humans can use Moongates to travel around the continents...That's amazing! Recognizing ancient inventions and reusing them as transportation...I think Humans are the only race with this kind of creativity. They just know how to manipulate everything around them for their use..."

"Spirits can hear whispers from nature itself! Spirits don't need to communicate with Humans in order to know what's going on around the Human world because spirits can hear it from nature itself. Sometimes we can hear things that Humans aren't even aware of...However, if you don't listen to what I'm telling you, Then my information won't be any help to you at all!...How about you, 'Character Name'? Are you going to pay attention to what I'm telling you, 'Character Name'? Are you a good listener?"

"Sometimes, I wonder...Most Humans work for their own fame, power and money, but I don't know why they care so much about their reputations! I'm confused...I'm not sure if they really care about others' opinions or just pretend to care......Do they care about their reputation simply because it might affect them later? This confuses me...But then sometimes I see Humans acting completely selflessly...Sometimes they even sacrifice themselves for others! I think this is why Humans are so interesting to me...It's kind of ironic. Even Mother Nature does not seem to know the answer to this question."

Male Wand

The Male Wand

Happy, Fine Stage 1

"How are you today?"

"Hello, 'Character Name'...!"

"Isn't today a great day?"

"Hey... 'Character Name'!
Hehe, how are you?"

"I'm so happy you called!"

"'Character Name', good to see you. How are you feeling today?"

Fine Stage 2-3

"'Character Name', is something up?
I feel like you haven't given me an item in a while..."

"Hey 'Character Name', I just just hoping I could talk to you.
I want to obtain new knowledge..."

"Heh, I thought something happened
because you haven't called me in a while 'Character Name'...
I'm glad."

"Hey 'Character Name'!
I was wondering when you were going to call me."


"'Character Name', don't you want me to grow...?"

"Um, 'Character Name', my skills these days are...
Could I get a new item...?"

"Um... 'Character Name'...
Could I get a...
...Ah, never mind, it's nothing."

"Hmm... 'Character Name'...
I feel like I'm lacking knowledge these days..."



"I love chatting with you"

"Mm... Can we talk about something else right now?"

"Wow... I can't believe that you want to chat with me 'Character Name'..."

"Talk? Okay!"

"'Character Name', you must really like talking to me. You always have questions for me... Hehe."

"Chatting with you, 'Character Name', always makes me happy. Mm... it would be great if Spirits could gain knowledge just by talking like Humans..."

"I am a Spirit that dwells in wands. If I just said Spirit, would you know what that is? Mmm... It's like the wand's soul or something similar to that. It's definitely alive. I'm thankful that you awakened me and that we can chat like this."

"I heard there's also a female version of the Spirit of the wand. I wonder what she's like. I want to meet her..."

"There is a skill called the Spirit Summoning skill that enables you to use the true power of the Spirit. Right now, I'm not at that level yet but I will work hard so that one day you will be able to use the skill. So in the mean time, you need to help me so that I can continue to grow and expand my knowledge and skills..."

".... Oops, what did you say? Sorry, I was totally day dreaming about something else."

"Part-time job? I don't know what you're talking about..."

"I like studying... if you get me more items, I can gain knowledge too. Would you do that for me?"

"I don't really know right now... but if you get me an item stacked with all sorts of knowledge, I will be able to absorb that and answer your questions.."

"Hm... I never knew about a place like that... Interesting..."

"Healing is an important magic, right? So would a Healer's house be... a place where they heal? Or a place where they teach you..."

"I don't know things like that yet..."

"I can't really answer that..."

"Mm...I'm not sure about that."

"Mm... I'm not really sure what that is... It'd be nice if you could teach me..."

"There are still a lot I don't know about Humans... Are you going to teach me?"

Female Wand

The Female Wand

Happy, Fine Stage 1

"Well, I like your voice when you talk to me, 'Character Name'. That's what I wanted to say. Haha.."

"Oh, I would like to have a conversation with you, 'Character Name'.

"Is there something bothering you? What's wrong? I hope it's not too serious..."

"Oh, I just placed a blessing on you in the name of Mother Nature... I can do it only once a day, though.... *chuckle*."

"How do you feel?"

"How's everything going?"

"'Character Name', Hmm, I thought you were busy."

"Do you need my help?"

Fine Stage 2-3

"Thank you, you never ignore my requests, 'Character Name'... ...Thank you for your kindness!"


"Oh, I was thinking about asking you for items... Thank you."


"...No matter what kind of Spirit Weapon you have, you need to provide items on a regular basis in order to improve your Spirit Weapon... I'm grateful for your kindness..."

"Have I told you before? You are the only one, 'Character Name', that I can get items from."

"Oh, in case you forgot... You should provide me with some items that I can consume so that I can adapt to this world faster. Please don't forget..."

"I don't have much energy... Please give me anything!"

"...My ability is solely dependent on how you care for me, 'Character Name'... ...Thank you for understanding..."

"'Character Name', please give me any items that I can consume..."

"...Do you have some kind of grudge against me? ...No? That's just the feeling I get from you..."

"...Please give me something to absorb!"

"Oh, I waited a little too long... Haha... However, thanks for not forgetting about me..."

"Umm... I'm not feeling well! I would feel much better if you gave me some items to absorb..."

"*giggle*... To tell the truth, I was thinking that you didn't care about me anymore, 'Character Name'."

"...'Character Name', I want items, but only so I can help you... I'm not going to use them in any other way..."

"Please, do not feel burdened by me...."

"Are you... hesitant to give me your items?"

"I would like to know more about this world..., but your item supply is not sufficient to support my hunger, 'Character Name'... Can I have items more often?"

"Sorry, 'Character Name'... I don't feel comfortable demanding items from you... ...But... I really need one..."


"...So what is your question, exactly?"

"I'm the spirit inside this wand... I don't have an actual physical body, but I can show myself to you in order to talk. I don't want to stress you out, but please be more sincere about our relationship, okay? ...It is difficult to trust someone who doesn't care about the things around them..."

"Umm.., remember the last time you rejected my request? ...Do we have to be so calculating? ...I don't think I ask for anything too unreasonable... Please, be more considerate!"

"Huh? What's on my shoulder? Oh! They look like wings, but they are more like emblems... ...They symbolize spirits who are living in the Human world, and are part of our weapons... I guess I never noticed them before..."

"The wand, it guides the flow of mana... This is a very delicate job to control the flow of mana...did you know that? I guess all my hard work has been worthwhile since I met you 'Character Name'! ...Be sincere about our relationship, please..."

"Although you won't get your items back, I can give you more help when I absorb items. This isn't about getting even, it's just my ability."

"My appearance is as an image of spirits you've been thinking about... because I can see your thoughts... For example, there's no reason for a spirit to have to wear glasses, but since you like the way that looks, I showed up with glasses on for you!"

"I feel like you are ignoring me... Oh... nothing. Since you are a Human... 'Character Name'... I shouldn't have expected this... ...It still feels sad... ...Do you feel the same...?"

"Even though we both are spirits, there's a difference between spirits like us, who stay in Human weapons, and spirits created by Nature's will. The most important difference is that their power is much, much stronger than ours... *sigh* I'm disappointed... It's not that we're weak... It's just that they are much too strong! However, when Humans and spirits relate to each other in perfect harmony, they can exhibit a power that is close to Nature Spirits... But please don't be a power hog..."

"Hmm... Hold on... I hope you would understand that I'm very vulnerable..."

"Spirit's Liqueur is a very spiritual item. It not only vitalizes spirits, but also Humans! Sometimes it absorbs a Human grudge, and makes a total mess... Oh... By the way, I was going to tell you how to use a Spirit's Liqueur and how to watch out when you use it on Humans..."

"Maybe this is off-topic... but please pay attention to me! ...As I spend more time with you I feel like I'm withering... I've always thought that I could help you much more..."

"Do you know why you need a weapon with high proficiency for Spirit Weapon repairs? A weapons with high proficiency is imbued with the user's habits and fighting styles. In other words, a user's Erg becomes part of the weapon... Spirits in weapons understand the user and the user's habits by absorbing this Erg, so that the spirit can rearrange the materials in the sword. ...Therefore, weapons with higher proficiency give a better idea about the weapon's use to the spirits. Consequently, you have a better chance of repairing your Spirit Weapon when using these..."

"You are just like other Humans... Is it impossible for Humans to understand spirits' intentions? ...I know you won't listen..."

"Would you like to know about that skill? I thought you would know more skills, 'Character Name'. *chuckle*. Have you heard about spirit summoning skill? When you are in danger, 'Character Name' I can materialize myself in order to help you. I'm working on that skill, but it isn't powerful enough to use during battle yet. If you take care of me more, 'Character Name', so that I can increase my social standing, I may be able to perform the spirit summoning skill..."

"Wait a minute. Recently, I noticed from your behavior, 'Character Name'. ...that I might be a burden to you..."

"I get tired very easily... It wasn't like that..."


"... I'm not happy around you anymore, 'Character Name'..."

"...Oh, I wasn't paying attention. ...Sorry."

Male Cylinder

The Male Cylinder

Happy, Fine Stage 1


"What do you want?"

"You look like you expect something."

"I'm glad you wanted to talk to me."

"I'll be by your side."

Fine Stage 2-3

"Nature's blessings be upon you, Character Name. I hope you're doing well. I recently learned about the idea of "give and take"... What are you going to give me in return for my blessings? Nothing? I knew you didn't really care about me..." "..." "Hahaha! Look at you! I was just kidding! Anything urgent?"

"I wish you'd visit me all the time 'Character Name.'"

"Did you want to see me?"

"Did you want to talk about anything else?"

"What brought you this time, 'Character Name?'"


"I wish you'd teach me something new.."

"I want to tell you something..but I just can't find the words.. Arg!"

"Do you like me?"

"I want to have a deep conversation with you for once."

"I like conversing, but there are so many things I don't get. Speaking of which...You remember that you're supposed to give me items to absorb, don't you?"

"'Character Name,' I wanted to see you, but I really didn't think you'd come."


"Did you forget that I was your spirit?"

"I thought this contract MEANT something to you."

"Do you think I'm an idiot?! Maybe it's because you never pay attention to me!"

"Fine, keep acting like this..."

"I knew you'd get bored of our relationship eventually."

"You say you want to talk to me, but there's nothing more you can offer."


"As you should know, my name is 'Spirit Name'. I've been trapped inside a fossil for an unimaginable period of time. There were so many times I couldn't tell if I was sleeping or awake."

"Why am I being so polite? I'm really not sure."

"I don't remember anything about my past. I don't remember how old I am. I don't remember where I was from. It's a strange feeling."

(He seems to be ignoring you.)

"I was just thinking about our conversations! What shall we talk about today?"

Oh, are you ready for another chat? "I was starting to worry you had forgotten about me. Ha ha! Ha."

"I don't want to see your face right now. You've gotten so boring..."

"Have you forgotten everything you know about Spirits? We have to absorb knowledge all the time. So...Do you want to get started on that?"

"Oh, it's you. What do YOU what?"

"Let's talk again soon okay?"

"You want to chat? Fantastic! So do I. Let's talk about me."

"Oh, Character Name. Something on your mind?"

Female Cylinder

The Female Cylinder

Happy, Fine Stage 1

"How are you today?"

"Do you need anything?"

"Is something wrong, 'Character Name'?"

"What shall we do today, 'Character Name'?"

"Good to see you, 'Character Name'."

(The spirit just stares at you silently.)

Fine Stage 2-3

"I don't feel well..."

"I've noticed we haven't been spending much time together lately..."

"I need your help if I'm to keep growing."

"Behold, the blessing of nature's energy. All of your equipped items will now have a blessing on them, 'Character Name'. This blessing protects their Durability and keeps them with you when you fall in battle. In addition, repairs on blessed equipment are less likely to fail." (Blessing)

"Don't be scared. I don't bite."


"I want to help you...but I need your help, as well..."

"I've noticed we haven't been spending much time together lately..."

"I need your help if I'm to keep growing."

"We should work together more."


"You don't seem very interested in my growth anymore..."

"I'm so tired..."

"Make it quick."

"You might not care about food, but I need items to eat!"


"Excellent timing. I had a matter to discuss with you. But please, you go first."

"It is my nature to learn new things and treasure knowledge. I certainly don't do it for you, 'Character Name'."

"Conversation is always welcome. It helps with my growth, after all."

"How are you feeling today, 'Character Name'?"