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Giving to your Spirit Weapon

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Future content.png As of G24, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This content has been replaced by Spirit Ascension.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.

Basic Information

  • Spirits will naturally become unhappy when the spirit weapon is equipped (not sheathed). As spirits become more and more unhappy, they will drop down through the mood stages until they become angry.
    • Generally, ignore the spirit's dialogue; this is especially true of the more arrogant types, such as the sword and bow. It is more important to pay attention to the indication of their mood (i.e. Happy, Fine, Unhappy).
    • Every 5 minutes, there is a chance that the spirit weapon will drop down one mood stage if it is actively equipped.
      • This counter starts the moment the player is logged on, and resets when they change channels.
        • This also includes time spent in an RP dungeon.
    • Spirit weapons demand a LOT of items, greatly exceeding the repair costs of a normal weapon even if you consistently repair at Edern. Be prepared to spend a lot of money maintaining a Spirit Weapon, and for it to always nag you for more items (even when fine).
      • A great way to supplement this cost is through fishing for items. Many of the items that you catch on the fishing boat are useful for giving items to a spirit weapon.
      • Another quick and easy way is by feeding your spirit a Rusted Longsword or a few whenever he/she gets needy.
      • Production skills, such as Tailoring and Blacksmithing, can be used to create expensive items through cheaper methods. (Short Swords, Mongo's Traveler Suit (M), etc.)
      • Metallurgy is also a good way to get items for spirit feeding, as Gems raise multiple stats at once.
        • Theatre Missions are also a way to collect said gems, although they're usually small-sized (up to 2cm on Hard).
        • To find out which size of a Gem will max out the exp gain for a specific level of a specific Spirit Weapon, please refer to a calculator.
      • Events which give expensive items often are also a good way to collect food.
      • You cannot feed a Spirit Weapon an Accessory Item despite being counted as an equipment.
  • Giving your spirit an item will raise one of its stats. Each level has a "cap" on the maximum amount of EXP the particular item can give (this prevents very expensive items to rapidly grow the spirit early on). For example, the first level of growth has a cap of 6 EXP - no items given will increase any stat higher than 6. Similarly, an item can grow a level 15 stat by up to 729 EXP.
    • One item given to a spirit weapon may not necessarily have the same effect as another. Each type of spirit weapon has its own unique list of items for growth.
  • As a general rule, stackable items are never suitable as ego food.
    • The exception to this is Gem Powder, which comes in varying grades.
  • When giving items to a spirit weapon, if the item is useless or too cheap then the spirit will not "accept" it, meaning no stats will rise. However, it will still satisfy their mood a little, so the item will still disappear.
  • A way to check your spirits happiness is to talk to your spirit and click repair, as long as you don't have the adequate items to repair your spirit you can go through what it says and see the happiness of your spirit.
  • Tips on timing your feeding and knowing the weapon's current happiness.
    • 1.) When you are ready to feed your item take note of the current mood state. (i.e. Happy, Fine, Unhappy)
    • 2.) Open your message log to the "System" Tab
    • 3.) Summon a pet and feed the pet. A system message will say "gave food" in the system tab.
    • 4.) Now you can go to another program and alt+tab back to Mabinogi and instantly count the number of "<spirit's name> wants to talk" messages from the "gave food" (from feeding the pet) at a glance to know its current mood.
    • 5.) Repeat

Growth Efficiency

  • The exact formula is: EXP = floor[1.2 * (log price)^4.2 * log(lv+1) * efficiency rank multiplier * mood multiplier]
    • See Mood & EXP Earn Rate for more information.
    • Calculated experience is displayed as is; level growth cap is not applied.
    • "Item Price", or "Buy Price", can be found in the respective item's page.
      • Do note that buy price rules do apply to this calculator (e.g. NPCs that sell items are various prices give EXP respective to that price).
      • Stat growth is based on the item's current price, which may not necessarily be the price it was when you bought it.
        • If the item was purchased on a Wednesday, the Wednesday discounted price (5% decrease) is used for the calculations.
        • The allied human discount in elf/giant npc shops does not change the item's actual price stat, and therefore will not influence spirit stat growth.
        • If an item has an enchant that influences repair cost, the % increase/decrease applies to the item's price as well.
Spirit Str Int Dex Will Luck Soc
Blunt Male A B C A C D
Female C B
Bow Male B A S C C
Female B B
Cylinder Male B B B C A
Female A B
Sword Male B A B B C
Female B C
Wand Male C A A C A
Female B B B B
Efficiency Rank S A B C D
Multiplier 1.6 1.33 1 0.8 0.2

Mood & EXP Earn Rate

  • Gains for growth depend greatly on the current "mood state" of the spirit. Multiple states for a certain text notice exist (e.g. Unhappy stages 1 through 6). A list of approximate growth values is listed here.
    • Note: Growth efficiency does not affect the changing of mood states.

Happy : Unable to give items

Fine Stage 1: 20% Growth efficiency

Fine Stage 2-3: 70% Growth efficiency

Unhappy Stage 1-2: 100% Growth efficiency

Unhappy Stage 3-4: 100% Growth efficiency, decrease in attack power stat (70% min, 80% max)

Unhappy Stage 5-6: 80% Growth efficiency, decrease in attack power stat (70% min, 80% max)

Mad Stage 1-8: 50% Growth efficiency, greater decrease in attack power (50%), decrease in injury rate (??%)

Mad Stage 9-10: Greatest decrease in stats (??%), decrease in critical (??%). 0% Growth efficiency. Must continue to give items for no growth to ascend out of this state. (Giving 11 of the cheapest possible items is the best way to get out of this stage. You can easily do this by hitting props for red, green, or blue gems, and then feeding them to your ego.)

  • A system text message will usually appear when the spirit has dropped a mood state (e.g. "Spirit" wants to chat).
    • You can tell what mood your spirit is in by pressing "Give Item" or "Repair" and immediately cancelling.

Item Satisfaction Rate

  • Each item given to your spirit weapon satisfies a certain amount of your spirit's mood (also known as 1 hunger level), based on its purchase price from an NPC. The value of "mood points" for a given item are shown below here.

0 to 999 Gold: +20%

1000 to 1999 Gold: +40%

2000 to 2999 Gold: +60%

3000 to 3999 Gold: +80%

4000 Gold and up: +100%

  • Discounts for Wednesday effects do not change how many mood points an item gives.
  • Each mood state represents 100 points. Thus, in order to restore a spirit weapon from unhappy stage 1 to fine stage 3, you could give it 5 items worth 0~999 gold each (5x20 = 100), 2 items worth 2500 gold (2x60 = 120), or one item worth 4000 or more gold. To restore a spirit weapon from unhappy stage 1 to happy, 15 items worth 0~999 gold must be given.
  • Even if an item is too cheap for the spirit weapon to gain stats from, it will still raise the points.

Individual Weapon Pages

Please go to the Spirit Weapon Item List to view the experience each item gives based on the spirit type.
All values and items listed are for items given during the upper unhappiness state (100%).

Tips on Feeding Spirit Weapon

  • When a box is highlighted and says MAX, you will gain the cap of points you can get for giving at that level. Otherwise, "The maximum available points you can get per certain item at that certain level".
    • Ex. the cap is 6 at level one, you will gain only 6 points
  • When a box simply states a number, you will gain that number of points for giving at that level.
    • Ex. the cap is 6 at level one, but the box for the item says 2 at level one. You will gain 2 points.
  • The exp-to-cost efficiency of the item decreases the more expensive it is.
    • Optimal exp gain per hunger stage can be achieved by feeding in three ways:
      • Gems, which increase multiple stats at once.
      • Extremely expensive items above 4000 gold.
      • Most expensive items under 1000 gold. (e.g. Sandals, Sasha Robe).

Stat Effects

  • The Spirit's Stat Growth Rates depend on the Type and Gender of the spirit.
  • The effects of the Spirit's Stats on the Weapon's Stats depends on the Specific Weapon.
  • Strength increases the Spirit Weapon's Min and Max Damage.
  • Dexterity increases the Spirit Weapon's Min and Max Injury Rates.
    • In the case of a Cylinder, Dexterity increases Wind Alchemy Damage.
  • Intelligence increases the Spirit Weapon's Balance.
    • In the case of a Cylinder, Intelligence increases Water Alchemy Damage.
  • Will increases the Spirit Weapon's Max Durability.
  • Luck increases the Spirit Weapon's Critical Hit Rate.
  • Social does not directly affect the Combat Power of the Spirit Weapon, with the exception of the Spirit Wand. Only the Weapon's Glow, Classic Spirit Weapon Awakening skill (level 21), and the text while talking to your Spirit are affected.
    • The Spirit Weapon's glow changes every five social levels - 6, 11, 16, 21, 26 and so on.
    • A Spirit Wand's Chain Casting level will also increase after five Social Levels (+1 at 6 Soc, +2 at 11 soc, +3 at 16 Soc, +4 at 21 soc.)

Classic Spirit Weapon Gifts

  • Giving a gem to your Classic Spirit Weapons will raise the EXP of the Social stat plus one to four other stats.
  • The actual equation for the raise exp is : EXP = gem size(CM)^1.2 + Gem able to give state + Grown able state
  • A calculator for the exp given for specific levels of the stats of each type of Spirit Weapon and the equivalent amount of gold a regular item would have to be worth to give the same amount of experience can be found here: [1]
    • Certain spirits like certain gems
      • Abstract: Male Blunts like Jasper, Female Blunts like Topaz, Male Bows like Aquamarine, Female Bows like Ruby, Male Cylinders like Topaz, Female Cylinders like Garnets, Male Swords like Garnets, Female Swords like Spinel, Male Wands like Emerald, and Female Wands like Sapphire.
    • A larger gem will give more stat experience than a smaller gem.
    • Growth to a single stat gives 128 base EXP. Two stats gives 80 each. Three stats gives 64 each. 4 stats gives 32 to int and dex, 48 to will, and 96 to luck. Diamonds (5 stats) gives 320 to each stat.
      • The more stats a gem raises, the more social EXP is raised.
  • The gem that gives the most total EXP is bolded. Second place is in italics.
Gem Blunt Bow Cylinder Sword Wand
Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female
Diamond Int, Dex, Will, Luck, Str
Jasper Int, Dex, Will, Luck Str, Int, Dex Int, Dex Will, Luck Str, Int, Dex Int, Dex Int, Luck Will Str Str, Dex
Star Sapphire Str, Dex Int, Luck Will Str Int, Luck Will Str, Int, Dex Int, Dex Will, Luck Int, Dex, Will, Luck
Ruby Int, Luck Will Str Int, Dex, Will, Luck Will, Luck Str,Dex Int, Dex Will, Luck Str, Dex Str, Int, Dex
Aquamarine Will Str Int, Dex, Will, Luck Str, Int, Dex Int, Dex Will, Luck Will, Luck Str, Dex Int, Luck Int, Dex
Garnet Will, Luck Str, Dex Int, Luck Will Str Int, Dex, Will, Luck Int, Dex, Will, Luck Str, Int, Dex Int, Dex Str
Topaz Str Int, Dex, Will, Luck Str, Int, Dex Int, Dex Int, Dex, Will, Luck Str, Int, Dex Str, Dex Int, Luck Will Will, Luck
Spinel Int, Dex Will, Luck Str, Dex Int, Luck Str, Dex Int, Luck Str Int, Dex, Will, Luck Str, Int, Dex Will
Emerald Str, Int, Dex Int, Dex Will, Luck Str, Dex Will Str Will Str Int, Dex, Will, Luck Int, Luck


  • The amount of exp given by each gem is in order from highest to lowest. This factors in the multiplier for the stat. Bold indicates a very large EXP growth (150+). Faded indicates a growth of less than 100.
Gem Str Int Dex Will Luck
Blunt Male Topaz, Star Sapphire, Emerald Ruby, Spinel, Emerald, Jasper Spinel, Star Sapphire, Emerald, Jasper Aquamarine, Garnet, Jasper Jasper, Ruby, Garnet
Female Aquamarine, Garnet, Jasper Star Sapphire, Emerald, Jasper, Topaz Emerald, Garnet, Jasper, Topaz Ruby, Spinel, Topaz Topaz, Star Sapphire, Spinel
Bow Male Ruby, Spinel, Topaz Garnet, Jasper, Topaz, Aquamarine Jasper, Spinel, Topaz, Aquamarine Star Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine Aquamarine, Garnet, Emerald
Female Star Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine Spinel, Topaz, Aquamarine, Ruby Topaz, Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby Garnet, Jasper, Ruby Ruby, Spinel, Jasper
Cylinder Male Garnet, Spinel, Jasper Aquamarine, Star Sapphire, Jasper, Topaz Aquamarine, Spinel, Jasper, Topaz Emerald, Ruby, Topaz Topaz, Ruby, Star Sapphire
Female Emerald, Ruby, Topaz Spinel, Jasper, Topaz, Garnet Jasper, Ruby, Topaz, Garnet Star Sapphire, Aquamarine, Garnet Garnet, Aquamarine, Spinel
Sword Male Spinel, Topaz, Star Sapphire Jasper, Ruby, Star Sapphire, Garnet Ruby, Topaz, Star Sapphire, Garnet Emerald, Aquamarine, Garnet Garnet, Jasper, Aquamarine
Female Emerald, Aquamarine, Garnet Topaz, Star Sapphire, Garnet, Spinel Star Sapphire, Aquamarine, Garnet, Spinel Jasper, Ruby, Spinel Spinel, Topaz, Ruby
Wand Male Jasper, Ruby, Spinel Aquamarine, Garnet, Spinel, Emerald Garnet, Ruby, Spinel, Emerald Topaz, Star Sapphire, Emerald Emerald, Aquamarine, Star Sapphire
Female Garnet, Jasper, Ruby Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, Star Sapphire Aquamarine, Jasper, Ruby, Star Sapphire Spinel, Topaz, Star Sapphire Star Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz