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File:Closet.png Closet
? x ? Appearance

A Closet that can be placed in a house. Used to store extra clothes.

Note: Closets were removed from the game due to a bug. When they will be available again is unknown.
It is possible to put the closet on sale if there are no clothes inside.


  • Stores up to 16 pieces of clothing in a 4 X 4 grid. Each item will only take up a single space. Please see the example below.
  • Once placed inside a home, its direction can be changed to face whatever way the owner desires.
  • Currently, the closet has been removed from the item shop due to a bug.


  • Expires after 30 calendar days.
  • You can only change its color by changing channel while it is in the 'Item Shop Inventory.'
  • Items that are Guild-Specific (E.G. Guild Robes) or Character-Specific (E.G. Upgraded Clothing) cannot be stored in a Closet.
  • Only clothes can be stored inside a closet.

An example of the Closet's storage grid:
Empty Closet Closet with a single item

Methods to Obtain

Can be purchased via the in-game Item Shop for 1,200 NX.