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Composition at Rest

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Composition at Rest[1]
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A book that contains information on how to live a leisurely life composing music. A careful reading may raise the Music Composition skill from 7 to 6.

Obtain From Reward for completion of Courcle Excavation Journal No. 11
Lucky winner of the Royal Castle Banquet
Tara Auctions (Old)
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Tradability Tradable
Effects Completes skill training for the Compose skill for rank 7
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- Composition at Rest -
By Odran


As a lifelong composer, the quill is my instrument, voice, and a part of my physical body. Perhaps I began to feel this way after I injured my leg when I studied abroad at Tara Royal Castle. Although the quill pen is my best friend, it feels very strange when I hold a quill pen to write a book, as opposed to a score. But here I am, writing again since many aspiring composers came to see me after I published "The Path of Composing." I spent more time talking to young Musicians than composing music. I wish I could confess that my time with those Musicians was pleasing. However, I cannot be very pleased about that time, as it tells me that many Musicians are having trouble on their musical journey. It was my intent to relieve the burden of many aspiring composers with my past books, but it seems I've only added to their burden. So if my past books have hastened the march of musical progress, then I would like for this book to provide aspiring musicians a moment's rest.

Leave room to breath.

Many try to fill their compositions with notes, trying so hard to fill every instant with beautiful sounds.

From the bottom of my heart, I ask: please stop! Such music leaves no space to actually listen to it, and end up becoming very lonely songs indeed.

The point of improving your proficiency as a musician is not to make more noise when you play. Remember, a skilled musician doesn't mindlessly fill the air with sound.

Trust your instrument.

Every composer carried a unique instrument: his mind. Music plays in his head, and the quill pen in his hand writes the score. Then, the score on that paper becomes a week-long headache.

Take some time to play a real live instrument! The music you hear in your mind is not the same as what your audience will hear. Rely on the instrument in your mind, and the week-long headache goes on for a month.

Save yourself the headache! Since the instrument in your mind sounds different from real life instruments anyway, you don't have to finish your song before you hear it played. Play your unfinished scores here and there as you compose. Perhaps you will collect pages and pages of failed scores, but the end result will be excellent. Take some time to play and give your brain a rest from time to time.

Compose for today.

Those who read this book no doubt want to leave a song that lasts long in Erinn's history even after death. I admit, this is my dream as well, but we must not forget that we are still alive at this moment.

I am alive and so are you. It's just your song that will go on after you die. But it is only when you are alive that we can sing together.

Compose for the people living today. Gather your party around a campfire, with a goldfinch sitting on top of your head, and compose a song that can breath and live.


I would like to dedicate this book to the aspiring Composers who visit my house and the bards who will be visiting my house in the future.

I won't refuse any visitors while I'm still alive, so come visit any time you need a warm Herb tea and some cozy music.