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Cor Meditation Method Research -Beginner-

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Cor Meditation Method Research -Beginner-[1]
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A manual on the Cor meditation method that has been recently discovered. If you read it carefully, you can increase your Meditation skill from about an A level to rank 9.

Obtain From Barri Basic
Barri Intermediate
Fishing in Avon
Pet Expeditions
Tradability Tradable
Effects Raises Meditation to Rank 9
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Core Meditation Method Research -Beginner-
Author Unknown


For those who prefer magic to weapons,controlling the flow of mana is a useful and essential skill. Meditation is necessary to control mana, but because it requires hours of cultivation to perfect, free-form meditation has been poorly documented, which, as a result, has stunted its progress. Thankfully, with the recent influx of research on how to effectively utilize mana, data regarding meditation methods has significantly increased.

Amongst the collected data, there have been new findings on how to recover mana fairly easily and train the mind at the same time. In light of the new discoveries, I have decided to leave a written record so that others may benefit.


In order to control the flow of mana, it is absolutely necessary for you to find a place where you can be alone and focus your mind and body, and calm your soul. Although this method is ideal in theory, it is highly impractical in practice. After expending all that energy to get to a focused state, that focus is instantly shattered the moment the meditator resumes his normal activities.

The traditional meditation method is not practical for someone who engages in everyday activities such as eating, walking, and mingling with others, or for someone in the middle of a battle, which hardly makes it a useful method for controlling and recovering mana on a daily basis. The new meditation method that resolves those issues is called the Core Meditation Method.

The Core Meditation Method does not emphasize focusing one's mind. Instead, it revolves around an element known as the Breathing Technique. The key to the Breathing Technique is to focus on inhaling and exhaling which keeps the mind from getting distracted, and at the same time, allows you to achieve a peaceful state of mind. If you practice and become advanced in this meditation method, you will experience a significant reduction in your mana usage.

Even those who are just beginners will notice a difference as they experience a surge of mana within themselves. In this section, I introduce a simple and basic training method of the Core Meditation Method so that those attempting it for the first time will be able to easily follow along. (After training awhile, you will discover that you are able to quickly get into a peaceful state of mind by simply exercising breath control, which is the focal point of this method.)

1. Posture

For beginners, trying to achieve a peaceful state of mind while moving around is not easy. Therefore, at the beginning of training, get in your most comfortable posture, though I suggest sitting rather than lying down or standing up.

2. Focus

Fix your eyes on something in front of you that you can comfortably stare at. Fixing the eyes on an object is essential for beginners because it keeps the mind from getting distracted.

3. Breathing Technique

Once you reach an advanced level, you will be able to control breathing even when it goes off rhythm, but for beginners, it is best to try and maintain the most relaxing and steady breathing possible. The most important element of the Breathing Technique for beginners is counting while inhaling and exhaling.

The reason for this is to avoid being distracted by what the eyes see and ears hear. Try to empty your mind, focus solely on the breathing, and start counting. As you count while emptying the mind, this strategy will prevent side effects from being cut off from reality; your focused breathing will keep you calm and prevent any distractions from entering the mind.


If you continue to train faithfully in this manner, you will be able to experience the fullness of mana in your body.It is my hope that you will train hard until you have mastered the skill to perfection.

Next time, I will discuss in full length the implications of the Breathing Technique in the Core Meditation Method.