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An overview of Avon.

Description and Geography

Map of Avon.

Avon used to be the city of Partholons on the Uladh continent. However, the residents of Avon angered the Gods, so they sent a plague that killed all of them. Afterwards, the Gods moved Avon into another dimension and used the city as a place of exile for the Gods that committed crimes. Avon is known to serve as a jail for the Milletian Shakespeare, who defied the Gods. Players may only arrive here by using the Avon Feather, which is obtained during Generation 13.

The area has paper strewn throughout the grounds, split along the middle by the line where the light and dark sides of the area meet. Part of the town is submerged in water, where one may fish for various items, and a flaming sword stands in the ground to the north-east of the bigger platform. If one walks to the edges of Avon, a mysterious force will push them back.

There is also a Magic Spinning Wheel where players may turn Play Pages into Act Scripts.

The Globe Theatre in the center of Avon is where Theatre Missions can be started.


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Areas of Interest


Animal/Crop/Monster Source
Resource Obtained From Location
Gold Play Page.png Play Page Paper Sheep Life Side of Avon

Fishing List



  • None



Areas Connected

  • None


Track Title
Avon Theatre Mission
Avon Theatre Mission (G14)


  • Avon is named after Stratford-on-Avon, a town in Warwickshire, England, which is claimed and accepted to be the place of Shakespeare's birth. Marlowe mentions that Avon is named after Stratford-upon-Avon, calling it the place of his birth.
  • Avon is considered part of Uladh for the Continent Warp interface. From Avon, you can only warp to Belvast or Iria.
  • There is a Parrot on the light side of the Globe Theatre that rests in a tree. If you hit that tree, the parrot will say various lines from Shakespeare's plays.
    • "To not to be or to be? To not to be or to be?"
    • "The worst is not so long as we can say, 'This is the worst.' The worst!"
    • "What a fool. A fool. A fool!"
    • "Who taught a parrot how to say such things?!"
    • "Blood will have blood. Have blood. *squawk*"
    • "Do not come! Do not come!"
    • "All the world's a stage. *squawk*"
    • "The sun has risen again. Has risen again!"
    • "Marlowe! Marlowe! *squawk*"
    • "Shakespeare... You have nowhere to run..."
    • "Which life was it...?"
    • "I'm having an ephinany! I'm having an ephinany! *squawk*"
    • "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? Though yonder window breaks?"
    • "The pain of creation! The pain! The pain! *squawk*"
    • "Have more than thou showest! Than thou showest!"
    • "Reputation is an idle and most false imposition. Idle and false. Idle and false."
    • "T's all for today! *squawk*"