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Cor Meditation Method Research -Intermediate-

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Cor Meditation Method Research -Intermediate-[1]
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The 2nd edition of a manual on Cor meditation techniques that have recently been discovered. If you read it carefully, you can increase your Meditation skill from rank 9 to 8.

Obtain From Fishing at the Beach of Scathach.
Tradability Tradable
Effects Raises Meditation to Rank 8
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

Cor Meditation Method Research -Intermediate-

An extended thesis on meditation techniques

Unknown Author


Practicioners of meditation know that its true purpose is to reflect on the inner self. Proper introspection can only be achieved by maintaining flawless composure for extended periods.

The essential question then becomes, how can we maintain this tranquil state long enough?

Research indicates that the key is controlled breathing.

The Cor Meditation Method posits that proper breath control is much more important than mental focus.

Breathing is the most fundamental part of meditation. Without proper breathing, you cannot bring yourself physically to focus on your meditation. Proper breathing also affects the regeneration of your Mana. It is for this reason that all meditation experts recommend breathing practice.

Regrettably, this information still has not gained widespread acceptance among the newer meditation practicioners. This intermediate volume will therefore discuss the true value of breath control.


Breathing is the most fundamental and necessary activity of human life.

In general, the average person will see little impact from irregular breathing. However, when manipulating Mana sources, irregular breathing can make an enormous difference.

Any change in breathing can disrupt Mana control, leading to further disruptions throughout the body. The longer this state persists, the most distractions pile up in the mind, resulting in a complete loss of mental balance and the inability to meditate properly.

This is why controlled breathing is essential.

The focus provided by controlled breathing will help maintain mental equilibrium, stabilizing the flow of Mana and keeping you in a meditative state.

Furthermore, continuing with controlled breathing once mental balance has been achieved makes it possible to reach the peak meditiation state, known as the 'awakening' stage.

Achieving and maintaining mental balance to unlock the full potential of meditation is the true purpose of breath control.

To summarize the key points:

1. The mind and the body must be in harmony

Put simply, the state of your body affects the state of your mind, and vice-versa.

Heavy or irregular breathing can make you tired or anxious, distracting you from the flow of Mana. By the same token, careful, measured breathing can bring serenity to a focused mind. This will allow Mana to flow effortlessly through your body.

Even in high-stress situations, controlled breathing can help you maintain peace of mind.

2. A calm, focused mind needs little effort to maintain

If your body is focused on a calming breathing rhythm, your mind will be more prepared to roll with stresses and disruptions.

Ideally, you want to reach a state where you need not actively respond to disturbances. Meditating in such a deep state allows you to connect much more completely with the flow of Mana. The passive mind has the greatest understanding of Mana, unclouded by errant thought.

Of course, you must consciously focus on breathing until you have fully internalized the technique.

3. Balance between mind and body leads to meditation in a higher state

With skillful breath control, the path to a higher state of consciousness opens.

The less consious thought required to maintain meditation, the more focus that can be applied to achieving a transcendent state. Remember, equilibrium is the key. Balance between the mind and the body.

Higher states of meditation also grant improved Mana flow. You may be shocked at how much Mana it is possible to channel.


Practicing both meditation and controlled breathing leads to a healthier life by relieving stresses and burdens from your mind.

If anyone you know is suffering from anxiety or stress, help them onto the path of recovery with these techniques.

The key to getting the most out of your meditation is to merge it with your breathing, in a process known as Breath Meditation.