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Costume Fishing Event (2014)

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Costume Fishing Event Advertisement
Feburary 4th, 2014 - Feburary 25th, 2014


Why are there so many clothes floating in Erinn’s lakes and seas? How did they get there? What effect will the saltwater have on the fabric’s integrity? WILL THE COLORS FADE?!

Head over to Simon, the Dunbarton tailor, to unravel this bizarre mystery. Learn how you can fish these fine threads out of the water and claim them as your own.

Event Dates:
February 4th - February 25th

Event Details:

  • Talk to Simon about getting some Costume Bait Feeders
  • Go fishing with your new feeders for the chance to earn a variety of cool costumes, including...
    • Flight Attendant Outfit set pieces
    • Pilot Outfit set pieces
    • Police Outfit outfit set pieces
    • China 7th Anniversary Outfit set pieces
    • Bunny Outfit set pieces
    • Cat Cape Outfit set pieces
    • and much more!

Hurry and get fishing! It's only a matter of time before Erinn's sea life gets a fashion sense. Turtles in tuxedos? Preposterous! [1]


  • Upon logging in you will receive the quest, Fashion Fishing.
    • The bait you receive in this quest will not stack with bait bought at Walter.
  • You may purchase additional Style Bait in the Event tab from Walter in Dunbarton.
  • Using a Fishing Rod, equip the bait, and use it for a chance to receive any item in the fishing list.
    • Normal items cannot be fished up when using this bait.
    • All items fished will have full durability.
    • Your fishing location does not matter. All areas will have the same Fishing List, as long as the Style Bait is used for fishing.


Fashion Fishing
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Costume Fishing Event.

Briefing My new clothes will make a big splash! Can you catch them? -Simon
  • Talk to Simon in Dunbarton

Fishing List

  • Potions do not automatically stack when fished out.








Food (4 Star)

* Indicates a food liked by Glutton Monkeys
** Indicates a food loved by Glutton Monkeys