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Crystal Hammer of Durability

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For other varieties, see Golden Hammer of Durability and Platinum Hammer of Durability.


Inventory icon of Crystal Hammer of Durability

1 × 2

A Hammer that can raise maximum Durability and current Durability by 1 point up to a max Durability of 25. The Hammer is destroyed after one use, but multiple Crystal Hammers can be used on one item.

Methods to Obtain

General Information

  • Increases an item's current and maximum durability by one.
    • Unlike the Golden Hammer of Durability, multiple Crystal Hammers can be used on the same item an indefinite amount of times as opposed to just once.
    • Can only be used on items whose maximum durability is less than 25.
    • Can be applied on Spirit Weapons and Brionac.