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Category:Treasures of Falias

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Basic Information

  • Falias Treasures are unique items that boosts certain Stats, the power of Brionac, or Demigod skills.
  • Treasures are obtained by completing the Falias Treasure Quest or purchased from the Trade Assistant Imp for Ducats.
  • Treasures must be restored from a catalyst via Dorren before they can be equipped.
    • Red Pure Crystals have a higher success rate of restoration.
    • If the restoration success, the treasure receives a random grade, but if restoration fails, the item will be destroyed.
      • A destroyed treasure cannot be restored; it is lost forever.
  • Treasures may be traded between players. However, once one has been equipped, it becomes Personalized.
    • When attempting to equip a treasure, a message ""When you equip the treasure, it becomes an exclusive item that cannot be traded. Would you still like to equip it?" will appear, requesting confirmation before the item is permanently bound.
  • The treasures come in grades of C, B, A, and S, with C being the lowest grade and S being the highest.
  • It is possible to equip multiple treasures of the same type. However, only the treasure with the highest grade will take effect.
  • The equipment slots for treasures are on the leftmost side of the inventory. There are four in total, but they are initially locked.
    • The first slot is unlocked upon completing the Generation 12 mainstream.
    • The second slot becomes available upon using a Falias Dew, which comes from donating or the Trade Assistant Imp.
    • The third slot becomes available upon using a Falias Rain Drop, which is obtained through the same means as the Falias Dew.
    • The fourth slot becomes available upon using a Falias Storm, which can be found at the Trade Assistant Imp's shop.
      • The Falias Dew, Rain Drop, and Storm can be used in any order, but can only be used once the player has completed Generation 12.
  • All treasures have 20 durability, which is gradually decreases over time.
    • Treasures can be repaired by Dorren at a 96% success rate and costs 30,000 Gold per point.
    • Treasures can be equipped even at 0 durability.
  • Treasures can be blessed, but not sanctified.


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