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Dye Palettes

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Cloth Dye Palette

Cloth Dye Palette.png

The cloth dye palette is the most common palette with the widest variety of color.

  • Pure black and white are obtainable on this palette without the use of fixed dyes.
  • Pure red does not exist on this palette; however, blood red does.

Leather Dye Palette

Leather Dye Palette.png

The leather dye palette is the second most common to appear on equipment. Most shoes use this palette, along with a large array of gloves and equipment.

  • Pure black exists on this palette, but only a few pixels.
    • There are usually a few pixels of black and near-black (faded and slight green tint) clustered together.
    • It may be advisable to use a Fixed Color Dye Ampoule instead of the black on the palette, since it can be easy to mix up the black and near-black pixels.
    • Even if pure black is achieved on this, because of the gloss map of most leather items, it will, more often than not, appear as an off-black on the actual equipment.
  • Pure white does not exist on this palette. The brightest pixel is noticeably tinted gray (RGB 231,231,231).
    • Even if a white fixed dye is used, because of the way leather reacts with white, it will, more often than not, appear silver on the actual equipment.
  • Neon orange exists on this palette.
  • This is one of the harder dye palettes to use due to the overwhelming amount of browns. It is recommended to try to find a fixed dye in your desired color instead.
  • Leather shades differently than other palettes. The "shading" is darker, while the "highlights" are not as vibrant.

Giant Dye Palette


The giant dye palette only appears on certain giant-specific clothing.

  • Pure black and white exist on this palette, but they appear less often than on the cloth palette.
  • This palette seems to be like the leather palette, but with a splash of the cloth palette, making it an interesting but still difficult palette to work with.

Fur Dye Palette

Fur Palette.png

The fur dye palette is found on the Giant Wolf Robe, Sleeveless Wear (Giant M), Colin Howser Boots, Butler's Suit, Royal Striped Robe (M) and Royal Striped Robe (F). It is a very rare palette, but can show up on giant-only items such as Broken Horn Trainee Gloves (For Giants).

  • While it's similar to the giant dye palette and leather dye palette, it only seems to contain shades of brown, black, blue, green and purple.
  • Pure black exists on this palette.
  • Pure white does not exist on this palette.

Nylon Dye Palette


The nylon dye palette only appears on stockings. Not all stockings use it, however. It is one of the most uncommon dye palettes.

  • Pure black exists on this palette, but only as one pixel.
  • A pure white pixel exists, but the nylon palette reacts with white the same way leather does in the aspect that it turns out silver instead of white.
  • The red on this palette is vibrant.
  • This is another palette where fixed dyes are recommended due to the lack of available colors.

Pixie Dye Palette


The pixie palette is a rather rare dye palette, only occurring on a small handful of equipment. Its name comes from the community, and is called as such because all of the available colors are very pixie-like, both on the palette and especially on the equipment.

  • True white and black do not exist on this palette.
    • There is a very close shade to white, but it is noticeably blue-tinted on the actual equipment.
    • The closest black shade actually appears as an off-black with a navy blue hue.
  • Despite how an item looks in the icon, it will be much lighter once actually equipped. There has so far been only one reported equipment that displays the color darker than the color on the palette.
  • To simplify, nothing is how it appears with the pixie palette.

Winter Lights Dye Palette

Winter light palette.png

The winter lights palette is given its name for two reasons: its resemblance to auroras, and its near exclusivity to the winter premium sets.

  • So far this palette has appeared on the fuzzy trimming on the hat, clothes, and shoes of the winter premium cards.
  • It also occurs on the Trudy's Rain Robe, the Glow-in-the-Dark Muffler Robe, and the Romantic Evening Dress.
  • There are no pure white or black pixels available on this palette. However, the fuzzy parts of the clothes have a habit of lightening the colors so an appearance close to white can be obtained.
  • There are no dark colors whatsoever on this palette. Obtaining black or dark colors is only possible with a fixed dye.

Sprinkles Dye Palette

Sprinkles dye palette.PNG

The sprinkles dye palette is given its name both from its color and the texture of the color patches. It also seems to be another specialized palette like the winter lights palette in the sense that it's very uncommon.

  • There is no pure white or black, nor does it contain dark colors.
  • There are no shades of red either.
  • Only seems to contain shades of pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
  • Colors appear lighter on the equipment than on the icon.

Panda Dye Palette

Panda Dye Palette.png

A dye palette that so far has only been known to appear on the Coco Panda Robe.

  • Pure black and white appear on this palette.
  • Contains different shades of pink, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, and gray.

Elf Dye Palette

Unknown dye palette.png

A dye palette that is mostly seen on Elf-oriented beginner items such as Premium Newbie Wear (F) (Elf), Premium Elf Winter Newbie Wear (F) (2010), and rarely on others such as the Reindeer Robe.

  • Black or white do not appear on this palette. Attempting to get either will result in either a semi-light or dark gray.
  • Contains pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, but almost all are noticeably tinted grayish.

Armor Metal Dye Palette


The armor metal dye palette is used on virtually all metal armor, helmets, gauntlets, and boots. However, for swords where the guard and hilt are individual pieces and thus can be dyed separately, this palette is used for the hilt and the guard will use the hilt palette. The Bastard Sword and Broadsword are examples of this.

  • It is possible to match the color of an item made through Blacksmithing with a silver finish ( #aaaaaa, RGB 170,170,170), but not a copper ( #773333, RGB 119,51,51) or gold ( #bb9955, RGB 187,153,85) finish.
  • Non-grayscale colors will appear dull and desaturated on items.
  • True white and black do not exist on this palette.
    • The darkest pixels ( #141414, RGB 20,20,20) will not produce a true black but are very close.
    • The brightest pixels, usually fairly hard to spot, while not pure white ( #ebebeb, RGB 235,235,235) will produce a brighter, more lustrous color than a standard silver finish.
  • Despite how dark an item may look in the icon, it may be lighter once actually equipped, though some appear much darker.

Weapon Metal Dye Palette


The weapon metal dye palette is used on weapons; specifically, the part of the weapon that makes contact with the enemy.

  • There is no color on this palette. It is a pure grayscale.
    • Only middle shades of gray are available. On a scale of 0 to 255, where 0 is pure black and 255 is pure white, the color range in the palette is 53 through 209 ( #353535 to  #d1d1d1).

Hilt Metal Dye Palette


The Hilt Metal Dye Palette is used on the handles, hilts, and grips of most melee weapons. It also appears on the wood part of the Highlander Long Bow. For swords where the guard and hilt are not individual pieces, and thus share the same color when attempting to dye, this palette is used. The Short Sword, Dagger, Fluted Short Sword are examples of this.

  • True white and black do not exist on this palette.
    • The closest color to white that can be obtained is  #f4f4f4, RGB 244,244,244.
  • The palette is predominately blue and brass-yellow colors, with some shades of desaturated green, brown, and purple, as well as some flat grayscale shades.