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Effective Meditation

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Effective Meditation[1]
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A book that features ways to minimize the effort required to meditate, while maximizing the sustained time of meditation. The book features a copy that if you can read this without falling asleep, your meditation level will increase dramatically. A detailed reading may raise the Meditation skill from E to D.

Obtain From Aeira
Price 6,190 Gold
Tradability Untradable
Effects required to raise Meditation from E to D
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Crafted Into
Conditions [[Image:Book toggler {{{conditions}}}.png|{{{conditions}}}|link=]]
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A book that features ways to minimize the effort required to meditate, while maximizing the sustained time of meditation. The book features a copy that if you can read this without falling asleep, your meditation level will increase dramatically.

A detailed reading may raise the Meditation skill from E to D.

- Effective Meditation -

Written by Brendan


Before we start, I would like to commend your keen eyes and courage for selecting this book out of all the magic books that are out there.

This book entails the skill Meditation, which is a skill that allows you to make a self-reflection between yourself and the world, while absorbing the Mana that is flowing around this world, and if you're reading this book, then I assume that you already know the basics of Meditation and its rudimentary training methods.

The main goal of meditation is for self-reflection, but it is equally important as a skill that allows you to recover MP by absorbing the Mana that is floating around in nature, without the aide of Eweca.

This is the reason why there always comes a time where, no matter the personal preferences, all trainees of Meditation reach the point of having a major interest in a more efficient way to meditate.

That's where this book comes in. This book is written specifically for the ones that have realized the importance of an efficient Meditation, and it delves much more into raising that efficiency, as opposed to teaching the basic how-to on the skill.

If you are totally new to the concept of Meditation, then although I'm grateful for the extra royalty you have provided me by purchasing this book, I do not believe this book will be of any help to you.

I strongly recommend mastering the basics of Meditation first before moving on to this book.

Now, let's look at the ways to maximize the efficiency of Meditation.

Pointers for a more efficient Meditation

Efficiency can be seen as the ratio of effort and results. In order to raise the efficiency, one can either lessen the level of effort, or increase the level of results.

Applying this on the Meditation skill, it's either lessening the level of effort exerted on acquiring composure, or maximizing the effects of Meditation to increase the efficiency of the skill.

The work that is required for Meditation involves not only a personal effort, but the time required to achieve composure. The easiest way to extend the effects of Meditation is by sustaining the state of composure for a longer period of time.

This means the main focus for making the Meditation skill more efficient is to find out how to lessen the time it takes to reach composure, and how to sustain it longer.

Here are few pointers geared towards calming your nerves and reaching a state of peace.


If you find yourself paying attention to a colorful object, or a mindless chatter of a neighbor, then you will not only lose the effects of the Meditation skill, but it will also curb your efforts of improving the skill as well.

So in order to recover Mana through Meditation, you must first set up an environment where you may completely isolate yourself from the surroundings. This, however, does not mean you may only perform Meditation at places far removed from civilization. You may first start things off by practicing the skill indoors or inside the dungeon, where you're separated from everyone else. Once you have gained enough experience to be able to mentally block out your surroundings, that's when you'll be able naturally experience the natural interaction between yourself and the nature through the virtue of concentration.

Separating yourself from the rest of the world through concentration is the first step towards increasing the efficiency level of Meditation.

Control your breathing

Breathing is an act you don't ever think of, and yet you do it every few seconds. The true purpose of breathing is actually inhaling the power of nature and absorbing it into your body, while eliminating the ones you don't need by exhaling, allowing the nature to re-absorb it.

Breathing is the most rudimentary way for humans to interact with nature, and so controlling your breathing allows you to determine how much effect you have in interacting with the surroundings. Furthermore, this will also enable you to determine how dependent your condition is to different surroundings that you're placed in.

The main focus of the Meditation skill is to provide a self-reflection between yourself and the world, so controlling the breathing, which is considered the most basic method of interacting with the world, is crucial to improving the efficiency of the Meditation skill.

I want you to start practicing the proper way of breathing for Meditation right now. A regular breathing that only involves the chest with minimal effort is not enough to observe how your body interacts with the world. In order to fully experience this interaction, try breathing in and out with your diaphragm.

Once you get used to controlling your breath, it won't be long before the efficiency level of your Meditation skill increases as well.

Observe the flow of Mana through meditation

Most people already know that Mana is a special form of energy that forms this world. Usually provided by Eweca, every living organism in this world has at least some Mana, and it is notable for its ever-flowing nature like water, never staying in one place.

Those that are well-experienced in the Meditation skill can sense the Mana flowing, and can determine where it's flowing through feeling out the current of Mana as well as its speed. They can also sense what is required to move Mana, and ultimately, can move the Mana to themselves if necessary.

This is why it's important to trace how you can detect and absorb the current of Mana.

Instead of standing pat by just concentrating through Meditation, you'll need to recognize the current of Mana, and ultimately manipulate it your own advantage. That's what is required to bring your Meditation skill level up another notch.

For those that are interested in training Meditation and improving the quality of the skill, I strongly suggest concentrating on detecting the current of Mana, and finding a way to manipulate it. Please note that paying attention to the flow of Mana goes way beyond Meditation, but also for all skills that requires Mana.

Using different methods to assist in Meditation

Like I've mentioned before, novice Meditation practitioners may have trouble meditating in loud, chaotic places.

To remedy that, the Meditation instructors used various methods like dimming the lights, blocking the outside noise, or listening to the sound of nature to create an environment that will help the students concentrate.

Some instructors actually tried a much different approach, meaning instead of separating or eliminating outside interferences, they tried to create a potion that enhances the level of concentration.

For those that are practicing Meditation, finding a concentration aid that helps them quickly block out the environment is very important. So many people have spent their precious times on this research, and in the end, have come to conclusion that smelling the sap or a herb that has the scent of your preference, will help you fall into the state of meditation a bit faster.

Please know that this only AIDS in achieving Meditation. Herbs and saps do not equal meditation itself. Also, consuming these items do not mean an increase in the efficiency of Meditation. It's a placebo effect, if nothing else.

These researches may help aid in sustaining the level of composure a bit longer, but that's about it.

Abusing this method may result in being heavily dependent on the AIDS to achieve Meditation, so please be careful when dabbling with these aids.

The boundary between a short cut and the long road

We have just discussed a number of points that should help aid in increasing the efficiency of Meditation.

The practical effects of Meditation is important, but if you just concentrate on recovering Mana and neglect to make an effective self-reflection, then this shallow form of Meditation will reach its peak very early.

The true meaning of Meditation revolves around a self-reflection between you and the world, not just a method of collecting/recovering Mana. Gathering Mana through Meditation is more like a byproduct of this intense self-reflection.

It also means straying away from the whole purpose of writing this book, so for those of you that have read this, please make sure to constantly see where you are as a member of this world. Make sure to hold on to the true meaning of Meditation and exercise your vast wisdom through constant self-reflection.