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Elite Shadow Mission AutoVictory Coupon

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If you have an Elite Pass for Tara or Taillteann, you can use the Mission AutoVictory Coupon to complete the elite mission immediately and receive 100% of the EXP and gold that the elite mission grants to anyone else who completes it. (Crystal applied)


  • Allows a player to instantly receive an EXP and gold reward for the given elite Shadow Mission.
    • The AutoVictory coupon directly consumes the Elite Pass of your choice, and does not require you to receive the Shadow Mission itself.
    • Cannot be used while in a party.
    • If the consumed Elite Pass was a Daily Mission, it will count towards completion of the Daily Quest.
    • Does not award a reward chest, treasure chest key, or any items that could be obtained from them.
    • Any bonuses from a currently applied Shadow Crystal will be taken into account when determining the reward EXP and gold.

Methods to Obtain