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Shadow Mission

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Shadow Mission Icon.png

A Shadow Mission is a special type of quest that takes place inside a free-roaming environment known as the Shadow Realm.

Available Missions

How to Obtain a Shadow Mission

  • First you must visit the Shadow Mission Board in Taillteann or Tara. Click on it to open the list of missions.
    • Some Shadow Missions are delivered by owl during the mainstream quests.
      • Difficulty for Mainstream quests are based on the character's total cumulative levels:
        • Basic: Total level of 1 through 99
        • Intermediate: Total level of 100 through 299
        • Advanced: Total level of 300 through 999
        • Hard: Total level of 1,000 or higher
      • However, to enter the Shadow Mission, you will need the respective talent levels listed below.
    • Across the top of the list you may choose between different difficulties. They are based on your highest talent rank:
      • Basic: One level 1 (Fledgling) talent
      • Intermediate: One level 5 (Naive) talent
      • Advanced: One level 7 (Senior) talent
      • Hard: One level 11 (Expert) talent
      • Elite: One level 1 (Fledgling) talent, requires an elite pass from the party leader
      • Lord: One level 15 (Master) talent, requires a lord pass from each party member
    • You may only choose missions at or below your highest talent.
      • If your partymates do not fit the minimum level requirement for the mission, they cannot enter it. There will be on an onscreen message saying "Player cannot enter this Shadow Mission".
    • Some missions require a specific number of partymates. You have the option of making a "Shadow Missions" type of Party.
    • Some missions have time limits. If you hit the time limit, you automatically fail the mission.
  • Upon choosing a mission you will be shown its description, location, objective, and rewards.
  • After accepting the mission, you need to travel to the Stonehenge. Clicking the altar will begin the mission.
    • Taillteann's Stonehenge is northwest of the city.
    • Tara's Stonehenge is northeast of the city.
  • You must enter the Stonehenge at the city where you got Shadow Mission from.
  • You may only have one Shadow Mission at one time. Please note that many Chapter 3, 4, 5, and 6 Mainstream Missions (Generation 9 ~ Generation 20) are Shadow Missions; you cannot take on a normal mission while you have a Mainstream Mission in your quest log. However, you can still join the parties of others doing normal missions.
    • It is possible to cancel the Mainstream Shadow Mission and talk to the quest NPC again at a later time to get the Shadow Mission again.

Daily Shadow Missions

Today's Daily Missions
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  • The Shadow Mission boards in Taillteann and Tara has a "daily" Shadow Mission that rewards double EXP the first time you clear it that day.
    • Failing a daily Shadow Mission does not remove the reward, so you can try as many times as you want.
    • Completing a daily Shadow Mission with another party will remove your own from the board.
  • Daily Shadow Missions are refreshed every day at
    7:00am PST
    • Incomplete missions are lost.
  • Daily Shadow Mission EXP reward can stack with Shadow Crystals.
    • Contrary to the description of the crystals, Shadow Missions in Tara Rath Castle will gain the effect of Shadow Crystals.
  • For players with VIP Premium Service, there will be two dailies for both regions instead of one.
  • Upon reaching a cumulative level of 51, players will begin receiving two timed daily quests that require them to complete the normal daily missions.

Experience Rewards

  • Completing a Shadow Mission will give you a certain amount of Experience.
  • The formula for EXP rewards are as follows:
    • Total Mission EXP = [(Mission EXP * Daily Mission Bonus) x (1 + Crystal Bonus + Event Bonus)]
      • If you are wearing the Cessair Officer Robe, then:
        • Final Mission EXP = Total Mission EXP + [Mission EXP * (1 + 0.1)]
      • If you are wearing the Mysterious Robe, then:
        • Final Mission EXP = Total Mission EXP * (1 + 0.1)
      • Increasing Renown with Briana will also increase Shadow Mission Experience.

The Shadow Realm

For more, see Shadow Realm.
  • The Shadow Realm is a world with red skies and is home to Shadow Monsters. Many Shadow Missions take place within the Shadow Realm.
  • Where you end up in the Shadow Realm depends on the mission (the map was previewed to you before taking the mission).
  • You cannot fly using flying pets or Hot Air Balloons in the Shadow Realm.
  • Adniel's Hornpipe can be used in the Shadow Realm, the exception being Tara Rath Castle Shadow Missions.
  • Arat Berries can be used in the Shadow Realm.
  • Ice Mines can be used in the Shadow Realm.
  • You cannot enter Homesteads while in the Shadow Realm.
  • Warp Imp's Save Location does not work while in the Shadow Realm.
  • Shadow Missions are counted as field areas, as such monsters labeled Weak or Weakest will not give any experience and Resting will restore wounds.

Mission Details and Types

  • Each mission in the Shadow Realm is completely instanced, similar to entering a dungeon with a special pass; you will not run into other users doing the same mission and no one can join you if you have already started the mission.
  • During the mission, you may not quit the party and/or expel a partymate.
  • There is no Goddess Statue or revival point; if you and all your party are defeated, you must: quit, use Nao Soul Stones, or ask others to revive you with the help of an Advanced Feather.
  • Some missions are timed; players are required to complete the mission's objective within the amount of time or all monsters and/or switches will despawn upon failure.
    • Players are not removed from the mission once the timer reaches 0.
  • Each mission has a boss monster and/or main objective.
    • Once the boss is defeated or objective completed, players will automatically receive the experience and gold listed in the mission's quest log info.
    • Additionally, depending on the Shadow Mission, reward chests may appear, one for each partymate. These mainly hold Alchemy Crystals and various Alchemy-related Enchants.
  • You can click "Exit" to leave the mission at any time, even when knocked out.

Monster Mercenary Scroll

  • Monster Mercenary Scrolls are special Scrolls that allow you to summon monsters who will fight alongside you.
    • Most of the event mercenaries are typically weak. (Examples: Red Fox and Raccoon)