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Enchant Expiration Removal Scroll

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Inventory icon of Enchant Expiration Removal Scroll

1 × 1
Stack: 10

A scroll that removes time restrictions from Enchant Scrolls. This can allow you to use Enchant Scrolls that have already expired.


  • After trading this item, the number of allowable trades will decrease by 1. Once the number of allowable trades reaches 0, you will no longer be able to trade this. Can only be traded once.
  • Cannot store on pets.
  • You cannot remove the time of dual Enchant Scrolls.
    • Dual Enchant Scrolls must go through enchant burning, which will split the prefix and suffix enchants.
      • Once split, each scroll will receive their original timer again.

Methods to Obtain


Name Item Rank Skill Rank Production
Materials Needed
Enchant Expiration Removal Scroll
9 9 1,500 Poison Herb × 10
Paper x 5
Restorative Powder x 3
Distortion Powder x 1

Used in