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Portrait of Erhard
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Bank Manager
Location Dugald Residential Town
(Outside Bank)

Track Today, a professional part-time job


Erhard's orange eyes flash like a cat's, accentuated by his silver colored hair. He has on a brown traveler's outfit and the mischievous smile of a troublemaker. He greets you with a loud and clear voice.

Erhard is the clerk of the Dugald Residential Town branch of Erskin Bank, the largest financial institution in Erinn.

He offers typical banking services, such as access to your bank account, and also provides housing services for residents of the town, such as hiring Brownie elves.


He used to travel all over Erinn, until he found himself out of money, and now works for the Erskin Bank, saving money to travel again.


Hiring In-House Production Brownies

  • Unlike other bank employees, Erhard does not sell Merchant/Personal Shop Licenses or Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contracts but does sell Brownie Contracts for the use of brownies to do in-house refining and weaving. Note that appropriate in-house tools need to be in place and the player needs to supply the raw materials.
  • The time limits shown in the table are in real-time and represent the time it will take for a contract to expire. Unlike the Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contracts, the time limit starts counting down as soon as a contract is purchased and a brownie will no longer do work when its contract expires. Also, the time limits are quite short as compared to that of a Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract, so these contracts should only be purchased if the services of a brownie are immediately required.
Brownie Contracts Time Limit Price (g)
Brownie - Refining Rank D 3 hours 10,000g
Brownie - Refining Rank 9 2 hours 30,000g
Brownie - Refining Rank 6 1 hour 50,000g
Brownie - Weaving Rank D 3 hours 10,000g
Brownie - Weaving Rank 8 2 hours 30,000g
Brownie - Weaving Rank 6 1 hour 50,000g



Track Title
Today, a professional part-time job[1]
Speaking to Erhard



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