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Category:In-House Tools

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This category is for tools that can only be used inside a player's residential area house.

  • All in-house tools are only used in production.
  • For use in production they are not equipped but instead need to be in the inventory of a player's residential area house.
  • To use these tools other production tools may need to be equipped in the right or both hands.
  • Unless other production tools need to be equipped first, then to start using an in-house tool a player only needs to left-click on it and the appropriate skill will activate, assuming the player has the skill.
  • Some of these tools can be bought from Lorraine in Dugald Residential Town and Elain in Sen Mag Residential Town.
  • Others can only be made using either the handicraft or blacksmithing skills.
  • Visitors can be allowed to use a player's in-house tools and a charge can be set for their use.
  • They do not have durability but instead have a limited set of uses.
    • They cannot be repaired when all their uses are gone, so a new tool must be bought or made.
    • Remember this when letting others use your in-house tools.
  • Certain Brownies can be rented, for a limited time, to use a few of the in-house tools for a player.
    • The player can be absent from the house while the Brownie works.
    • The Refining Brownie refines items using in-house furnaces. The Refining Brownie is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Blacksmith Brownie.
    • The Weaver Brownie weaves items using in-house spinning wheels or looms.
  • These tools are required when using one of the following production skills;

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