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Eweca Orb (Ended 2014-2-18)

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For the version before the update, see Eweca Orb (2013).
Eweca Orb Update.jpg


Erinn's top astronomers are issuing a lunar activity alert! Something's going on with Eweca, and it's affecting Eweca Orbs from Tara to Filia and everywhere in between. Crack open one of these crystal containers, and you'll discover new mysteries hidden within.

The Eweca Orb has been completely redesigned with an all-new item list that contains over 100 amazing items, from skill training potions to fan favorite costumes, from shadow crystals to colorful dye ampoules!

With a little luck, you might find parts of an idol outfit or even a pair of Hummingbird Wings hiding within. And for those of you who complain that luck is never on your side, just remember that one Elf's trash is another Giant's treasure...

Find these prizes and more within the mystical Eweca Orbs:
- Hummingbird Wings

- Snow White Hummingbird Wings
- Dark Hummingbird Wings
- Sky Hummingbird Wings

- Idol Plaid Outfit sets

- Idol Plaid Outfit
- Idol Plaid Hat
- Idol Plaid Shoes
- Idol Plaid Gloves

- Platinum Hammers
- Lartes's and Ophelia's wigs
- Admiral Owen's Marine Uniform
- Gothic Lolita sets

- Gothic Lolita Outfit
- Gothic Lolita Hat
- Gothic Lolita Shoes

- Zorro Outfit sets

- Zorro Outfit
- Zorro Outfit Mask
- Zorro Outfit Boots

- Cute Raccoon Tail sets

- Cute Raccoon Tail Outfit
- Cute Raccoon Tail Head Piece
- Cute Raccoon Tail Shoes

- G15 NPC outfits (G15 version)

- Portia's Costume
- Antonio's Costume
- Shylock's Costume
- Bassanio's Costume

- Fixed Color Dye Ampoules

- Real Blue > Black (Slow Speed)
- Real Red > Pink > Real White (Fast Speed)
- Purple > Pink (Normal Speed)
- Purple > Cyan > Blue (Slow Speed)
- Green > Yellow Green (Very Fast Speed)
- Real Red > Brown > Real Blue (Slow Speed)

- Fixed Metal Dyes

- White > Pink
- Light Pink > Dark Pink
- Pink > Yellow (Fast Speed)
- Yellow > Pink (Slow Speed)
- Black > Red (Slow Speed)
- Yellow > Blue
- Yellow Green > Green
- Gold
- Janus

- Skill Training Potions

- Enchant Training potion
- Control Marionette Training Potion
- Pierrot Marionette Training Potion
- Colossus Marionette Training potion
- Act 1: Inciting Incident Training Potion
- Act 2: Threshold Cutter Training Potion
- Act 4: Rising Action Training Potion
- Act 6: Crisis Training Potion
- Act 7: Climactic Crash Training Potion
- Act 9: Invigorating Encore Training Potion
- Wire Pull Training Potion
- Puppet's Snare Training Potion

- Lorna and Pan Goldboxes
- Fishing Chair for 2
- School Chair

Basic Information

Inventory icon of Eweca Orb (Ended 2014-2-18)

2 × 2
Stack: 100

A crystal orb filled with the light and mana of Eweca. They say that when you break the orb, the energies contained within will transform into something.

  • This version of the Eweca Orb began in September, 2013, and ended in February, 2014.

This item gives a randomly-chosen item from the list below when used. See Category:Gachapons for more information.

Methods to Obtain

  • Item Shop (1,000 NX for 1 or 10,000 NX for 11)


An Eweca orb will have 1 random item/object and Dragon Statue x3, Elephant Statue x3 or Sundial Artifact x3 when using it.










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Falias Artifacts

All artifacts are Rank S.


Food (5 Stars)