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Facial Expressions Require Practice too

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Facial Expressions Require Practice too[1]
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A book written for those who cannot manage their facial expressions. This book confidently promises that you will lose the awkward look on your face.

Obtain From Aeira
Price 400
Tradability Tradable
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Other Servers KR JP TW CN
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

Erinn Central Intelligence of Human Development

Have you ever seen your face change in the heat of the battle?
Your characters change faces based on different situations.
When your character grimaces while striking a tree, your character just made one of the easily spotted facial expressions in the game.

Whether you're striking an object in town or attacking monsters on the field, your character will feature a bevy of facial expressions. This book will tell you not only the automatically-changing faces, but also the ones you can actually pull off yourself. Use this to accurately convey a message to your friend,.

1. Alt + number key for Facial Expression

Numbers 1 thru 0 have various facial expressions stored in the game, which allows for quick changes in expressions.
Number 1 is (laugh). Press Alt and 1 at the same time, and your character will bust out laughing.
Did you run into a scary monster in the dungeon? Press Alt+8 to notify your friend that you are surprised. It's much more powerful than simply saying 'that's too powerful'.

The expressions shown through the numbers are as follows, from 1 through 0.

2. Enter the command yourself

Just remember, those 10 expressions are just the tip of the iceberg!
You can enter the facial expression yourself to change your character's face.
Follow the format of (smile), entering the command in between the parenthesis, and press enter.
Did you feel that the price for an item that another user is selling is a bit too high? Type (naive), look at that character, and press enter. Your innocent, naive look may tempt the seller into just giving you an item. If this
really worked, please give that person the (cool) look as a sign of thanks.
Also, a regular exchange of words between friends may trigger the facial expressions, too. Try using emoticons such as =), @@ and T_T to get your point across.

3. Keep a single look

Leave a space in between two facial expressions (smile) (smile) to keep a single look on your face.
Entertain your friends by keeping your face in (pain) (pain). Your friends will be laughing with you!.
The fixed expression will temporarily change when in a battle or striking objects, but then it returns back to its fixed look. If you want to return to your original expression, just keep quiet for a bit.

The following expressions can be used in the game.