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An example of a player-owned farm.
For the enchant, see Farmer.

Basic Information

Taillteann has recently accumulated a considerable amount of farmland through its land development project. However, Milletian, there aren't many residents in town so it's difficult to take advantage of all the farmland. That's why we are leasing the fields to Milletians for a very affordable price. We are even purchasing all of their harvests. So, are you interested in farming? All you have to do is lease a field from me, purchase some seeds, and plant them in your field.



  • Farming is a special system that allows one to plant crops in Taillteann. Working hard on the farmland earns a lot of money.
  • One may lease one plot of land per server per account to use for farming.
    • There are only 90 plots of land available for each game channel. With 10 channels, there is a total of 900 plots available.
  • Crops may be sown, harvested, and sold for a profit.
    • Seeds are 500 Gold.
    • Only one seed may be used per farmland.
  • All farms start with 40 H2O, 30 FERT and 80 BUG.
  • The lease for the land lasts for 1 year Erinn time (1 week in real life). To check the exact time and date the lease began and will expire, click the sign in front of the plot, and click the History tab in the following window to view the Field Information. Players may also view their Crop and Farm Work Information in this window.
    • Leasing the land costs 30,000 Gold.
    • Once the land has been harvested, the lease will automatically expire and the land will be returned to the farm manager.
    • If the crops are not harvested before the lease expires, players will not be able to receive them. Instead, a check will be mailed for a smaller portion of their value.
    • All times reported on the sign under the History tab are in server time. (Pacific time, PDT).
  • Only 10 farm actions (Watering, Fertilizing or Bug Catching) can be performed each day (real time). Only one action may be performed at a time, and the farm owner is free to leave once the animation is completed. The meter is only increased when the action's cooldown has ended.
    • All actions last for the duration of the BGM that plays along with the action (30 seconds).
    • Watering has a cooldown time of 20 minutes.
    • Fertilizing has a cooldown time of 30 minutes.
    • Bug Catching has a cooldown of 40 minutes.
    • Using one action sets the cooldown for the rest. However, all action's cooldowns match up to the action used (i.e. using Watering sets Fertilizing and Bug Catching to 20 minutes as opposed to 30 and 40 minutes, respectively).
    • The land cannot be harvested while under the cooldown of the previous farm action.
    • One can check how much time he/she has to wait to do another action by using one of the actions while on the same channel as the farm.
    • One can cancel actions (before the animation is completed) in the same way as canceling a skill. Canceling does not create a cooldown.
    • Actions reset at midnight, server time.
    • Lag may cause players to hold on to the pitch-fork or watering-canister, but the character will act as if it is not there.
  • Only the character registered for the farm may take care of it. Other players, including ones on the same account, may not assist.


The farm manager, Blatt.
Oh, you want to learn how to cultivate, Milletian? Well, you know you must first plant seeds, right? Go visit your field that has been marked on the map for you. Then open the Action window (press N) to find actions such as Plant Seeds, Remove Bugs, and Water. Pay special attention to crop conditions, and water your crops, fertilize them, and control the insect population accordingly. The key to being a good farmer is investing time and effort into caring for your crops.



  1. Talk to the farm manager, Blatt.
  2. Lease the plot of land for 30,000g, and buy one pack of seed. All seeds cost 500g (475g on Alban Heruin [Wednesdays]).
  3. Go to the plot of land marked on the minimap with a teal flag, and start sowing seeds by clicking on the sign nearby.
  4. Manage the farm (Watering Watering.png, Fertilizing Fertilizing.png or Bug Catching Bug Catching.png).
    • To perform these actions, walk onto the field and open the action dialog box. From there, the tasks can be performed.
    • Note: Logging out, changing channels or exiting the client during the action's animation will cancel the action.
    • Each action increases its respective meter, depending on which action you use.
      • Watering increases the H20 meter by 5.
      • Fertilizing increases the FERT meter by 7.
      • Bug Catching increases the BUG meter by 11.
    • The meter slowly degrades. For rates, see the Growth Rate section below.
  5. Once the crop's growth rate reaches at least 75%, the crop may be harvested. However, it is advised to harvest crops at 100%, or as close to that as possible, for a greater crop yield and therefore more profit.
    • The crops change shape at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.
    • After the crop growth hits 75%, the harvest button on the sign will turn yellow, allowing for manual harvest.
    • "Automatic" harvest occurs if the lease expires before you manually harvest.
      • If you somehow do not complete 75% before the lease expiration, you will receive a small check in the mailbox.
        • A check as low as 10,000g is mailed to the player if the crops did not reach at least 75% growth when the lease expired. (unverified)
      • If you had over 90% growth, the farm will expire immediately and you will receive a rounded down check containing 50% of the profit you would have gotten through manual harvesting.
    • The growth %, when harvested, will directly determine around how many crops you will receive. (ie: harvesting Cabbage at 75% will give around 60 units of cabbage, which is 75% of cabbage's base harvest amount)
  6. The crops will be mailed to the inbox upon harvest after 5 real-life hours.
    • Under no circumstances will the farm expire while harvesting is in process. Therefore, it is safe to harvest at any time as long as the farm lease has not expired, even if there are less than 5 hours remaining on the farm.
  7. Sell the crops to the farm manager for a profit. After they arrive in your mailbox, there are two days [real time] to sell harvested crops before they rot and expire.
    • Note: If the window does not display the price of cabbage when selling to the farm manager, simply re-size the window.
  8. The % of growth progress on each crop will refresh every in-game day at 12:00 noon.

How to Lease a Plot of Land

  • There is a first-come, first-serve policy regarding the right to lease a plot of land.
  • If there is a plot of land available (at least 5 hours have passed since the previous owner moved out), it can be leased directly.
  • If there are no plots of land available, but a lease is about to expire, players be given a choice to apply to queue for it. In this case, he/she will be able to wait up to 5 hours until the plot becomes available. However, if he/she log off or change channels, the plot of land will be passed on to the next person in the queue.
  • If there are no plots of land available at all, the request to lease a plot of land will be declined.

Growth Rate

  • The growth rate is determined by this formula: Growth Rate = Max Growth Rate - Dehydration - Malnourishment - Bugs
    • The Dehydration, Malnourishment and Bugs are determined by this formula: Problem = Rate * (100 - Relative Stat Value) / 100
  • To attain the highest growth rate possible, maximize the BUG > FERT > H2O meters in that order.
    • Strawberries are an exception, and the meters should be maximized FERT > BUG > H2O
    • However if all ten actions cannot be completed, FERT > H2O > BUG may be a better alternative.
Rates (% per hour)
Crop Image Growth Dehydration Malnourishment Bugs
Tomato Tomato (Farmed).png 1.37 0.10 0.25 0.40
Cabbage Cabbage (Farmed).png 1.11 0.20 0.30 0.40
Eggplant Eggplant (Farmed).png 0.99 0.15 0.25 0.40
Pumpkin Pumpkin (Farmed).png 0.99 0.25 0.35 0.40
Strawberry Strawberry (Farmed).png 1.04 0.40 0.60 0.40
  • The amount degraded per hour also uses the respective rates
  • Tomatoes are the easiest to care for, and grow the fastest.
  • Cabbages are easy to care for, and require a minimum amount of nourishment.
    • Cabbages grow at about 80% the speed of Tomatoes.
  • Eggplants are easy to care for, and require adequate water.
    • Eggplants grow at about 70% the speed of Tomatoes.
  • Pumpkins are difficult to care for, and require ample nourishment.
    • Pumpkins grow at about the same speed as Eggplants.
  • Strawberries are the most difficult to care for, and require the right amount of water and nourishment.
    • Strawberries grow at about 75% the speed of Tomatoes.


The price of a crop depends on how much of it the farm manager has recently purchased. Therefore, as more crops are sold to the farm manager more frequently, the value of the crop goes down. However, the prices will eventually return to their base unit value when less crops are sold. Crop values are reset to their base value after server maintenance.

  • The lowest every crop can earn is 60% of their base value.
  • To figure out how much profit one can yield, follow this formula: (CG*CT)-30,500. The table below gives basic statistics on each crop. (Note: Revenue values do not include the cost of starting the farm.)
    • CG is the amount of gold Blatt will pay for each bushel of the crop.
    • CT is the number of bushels of the crop one has.
    • 30,500 is the amount of gold it takes to lease a farm and buy seeds.
  • In addition to profits, 4 of a random type of Homestead Seeds are rewarded.
  • The Journal Achievement "Country Living" is obtained if 200,000 gold is profited from the sale of a single stack of crops.
    • All crops are tradable and can only stack to 100.
Crop Min Unit Value Base Unit Value Max Reported Unit Value Base Harvested Units Base Revenue at Min Unit Value Base Revenue
at Base Unit Value
Base Revenue at Max Reported Unit Value Typical Days for 100% Growth Base Revenue per day at Base Unit Value
Tomato 2,400 4,000 7,000 60 144,000 240,000 420,000 4 60,000
Cabbage 2,400 4,000 7,000 80 192,000 320,000 560,000 5 64,000
Eggplant 2,400 4,000 9,052 70 168,000 280,000 633,640 6 46,666
Pumpkin 5,400 9,000 15,750 40 216,000 360,000 630,000 6 60,000
Strawberry 1,800 3,000 8,000 140 252,000 420,000 1,120,000 6 70,000

Note: Keep in mind that different crops have different rates of growth. Therefore, a crop that yields a lower profit in a single harvest may still be more profitable in the long run, since it may grow faster than crops that yield a higher profit in a single harvest.

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  • The pitchfork will be colored based on the last weapon held. For example, a green flashy weapon will give you a green flashy pitchfork.
    • The same also applies to the watering can but is based on the last one-handed weapon held.
      • Some one-handed weapons are exempted from this.
  • On March 14th, 2024 the Journal Achievement was changed to only require 200,000 Gold instead of 400,000 Gold.