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Fate/stay night (UBW) Dice of Fate Event

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Banner for the Fate/Stay Night Dice Of Fate Event
July 27th, 2016 - August 16th, 2016


Fate is said to be set in stone, but now it is time to make your own destiny with the Dice of Fate event! [1]


Dice of fate board game
  • Talk to the tournament representative to register for a match. After two people register, they are sent to the event board.
  • You start with 5 Invitations to participate in this event. You will get more every real life day at 7:00 am PST.
  • When both players enter the board, they get to choose which Servant to play with: Archer, Saber or Gilgamesh. This choice only affects what character you play if a minigame with monsters is triggered.
  • The objective of the game is to get both you, the master, and your servant to the end of the board and off it. Both the master and servant move independently.
  • Rolling a 4 or 5 will allow the player to roll again. The player will get to choose which dice to use first.
  • If a master and servant are on the same space, they will continue moving forward together.
  • If a player lands on a space with an opponent on it, the opponent will be returned to the starting area. If both servant and master is on the same spot, both go to the starting area.
  • Landing on one of the large circles around the edges will allow the player to take a shortcut through the middle of the board. Landing on the center after taking the first shortcut will cause the player to move towards the goal in the next roll.
  • Landing onto a sword and shield will trigger a minigame. If the player that initiates the minigame wins, they will roll again. If they lose, they do not roll again. One of three minigames will trigger.
    • Kill all monsters on your side of the field.
    • Kill 8 monsters into the circle.
    • Roll a dice and the larger value wins.
  • Moving onto a seal will stop the player and require the player to roll the dice to beat the seal's number. If the player wins, they will continue moving forward. If not, the player will move back to their original spot before the seal was reached.
  • Landing on a treasure chest will give you 1 Incomplete 2nd Title Summon Coupon and 1 Association's Certificate at the end of the game. You do not need to win to obtain the treasure.
  • The objective is to have both master and servant reach the end of the board and off the board.
  • The winner will gain 2 Association's Certificates while the loser will get 1 Association's Certificate. Winning or losing will count for the quest to play three times.
  • If a player lands on the first spot and then rolls a -1, they will move backwards into the goal, bypassing the entire board.
  • If someone decides to leave the event, the event ticket will be refunded only to the one who didn't leave. The one who leaves (by leaving the event area in any way including pressing the exit button, logging out and disconnecting) will not get a ticket refunded. If any player picked up a treasure chest during the game and someone leaves, the treasure will not be given.


[Event] Holy Grail War
How to Get Quest

Log in during event period.

Briefing The Holy Grail War is a tournament where Masters battle each other with their Servants using the Dice of Fate. If you wish to participate in the tournament, come find me. I'll be at the Tir Chonaill Town Square.

-Mysterious Tournament Representative

  • Talk to the representative of the Mysterious Tournament.
  • Choose a main character to participate in the event.
  • 5,000 Experience Points
  • 1,000 Gold
Additional Information

After selecting your main character the quest will automatically complete and grant you 5 Dice of Fate Invitations.

[Event] Dice of Fate
How to Get Quest

Quest received daily after 7am PST during this event.

Briefing A different side of the Holy Grail War. Are you ready to roll the Dice of Fate? Test your own fate by defeating other masters and their Servants!
  • Complete Tournament I
  • Complete Tournament II
  • Complete Tournament III


Association Certificate Exchange

Association's Tournament Box

Gift Box.png You can trade this box for the Mage's Association certificate. Contains all sorts of rewards, including those prepared by the Association.