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Banner for the MabiNovel System
MabiNovel's Menu and Writing HUD

Basic Information

MabiNovel is a system used to encourage storytelling within Mabinogi.

MabiNovel has default cutscenes, background, and characters and allows more customization as the player finds and collects MabiNovel Collection Books

The player must finish the Mainstream quest related to the storyline collection books in order to obtain it.

To access the MabiNovel system, the menu on the bottom right of the players HUD will allow the player to read and write stories.

Reading Books

While viewing the MabiNovel's Bulletin Board, the player may read one of the stories that many other players can write. Once another player has written a book, that book will stay on the Bulletin Board for one month. If a player wishes to keep the book for themselves, they may keep a hard-copy of the book using the "Transcribe" Button. Transcribing a book cost 10,000g and will create a book in the player's Inventory which will become permanent. The writer will also receive royalties for that book when the writer's book has expired from the Bulletin Board

The player can report books that violate MabiNovel's Policies using the "Report" Button.

MabiNovel's Bulletin Board

Writing Books

In order to begin to write stories, the player must become an author through Aeira at Dunbarton. Only 1 character can become an author per account.

In a story, the player can change the background, music, character, and dialogue on each slide. The animation and emotion of the character can be edited. If there is no chosen cast, the dialogue will not be said by any character, enabling narrative speech or thought.

The maximum dialogues is 40, the maximum character limit per dialogue is 200, the maximum character limit for titles is 28.

If a player writes a book, their book will appear on the MabiNovel's Bulletin Board for a month along with having an original copy of the book in their inventory.

In order to expand the amount of background, music, and cast members, the player must have the associated Collection Book in their inventory.

Every player will start with default characters, music, and backgrounds, which are Tir Chonaill Collection themed.

Players may only write 1 book per week and must follow the MabiNovel's Policies.


Only the first 5 dialogues can be saved in a draft.

Drafts will be deleted after being imported.

There is no method to see a draft and edit it other than in-game currently.

Background Music

NPC tracks, Boss Battle Tracks, or location tracks can be selected.

Note: Some Track titles are mistranslated or contain typos.


Content that violates the MabiNovel Terms of Use (including nudity, bullying, graphic violence, and spam) will be removed and no royalties will be given. You may face additional disciplinary action for violating Policy 2.2 - Code of Conduct. Plagiarized material and advertisements will also be removed.

General Collection Books

Storyline Collection Books

Event Collection Books


[Guide] MabiNovel Guide
How to Get Quest
Briefing The fruits of imagination can be enjoyed by all with the brand-new MabiNovels! I'll tell you all about it if you come find me in Dunbarton Bookstore.
  • Talk to Aeira in Dunbarton.
  • Talk to Aeira in Dunbarton.
  • Transcribe MabiNovel from MabiNovel Bulletin Board.
  • Talk to Aeira in Dunbarton.
Additional Information

Actually gives an Aeira's Bookbag Coupon.

[Guide] Write your own MabiNovel
How to Get Quest

Upon doing last step of MabiNovel Guide quest.

Briefing This time, I'll explain how to write a MabiNovel. Come find me in Dunbarton Bookstore.