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Fill up the Holy Grail with water

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How to Get Quest Buy from a Quest Board
Quest Cost 600 G
Briefing It says if you complete the book I gave you, then you'll receive the Holy Grail in return. Apparently there's special water that only the Holy Grail can hold. Please fill it up with that special water, then bring it back to me.
  • Talk to Alexina
  • Complete the collection book and receive the Holy Grail
  • Talk to Alexina
  • Find the site of ruins in Karu Forest where the water runs
  • Deliver a Water-filled Holy Grail to the Quest Board
  • 500 Exploration Experience
  • 2,958 Character Experience

Additional Information

The collection book requires Brown Forest Mushroom Spider Venom Sac, Black Forest Mushroom Spider Venom Sac, Red Forest Mushroom Spider Venom Sac and Blue Forest Mushroom Spider Venom Sac. The Black spiders are near the Tree mark, the others are around the Snake mark. Click on one of the Giants Springs in Karu Forest, while it is raining, to fill the Holy Grail.