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Category:Fiodh Dungeon

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minimap of the lobby.
Fiodh Dungeon.
Fiodh Dungeon's Altar of Goddess.
A room inside Fiodh Dungeon.

Fiodh Dungeon, also known as Fiodh Forest, is an open-space maze located in northwestern Gairech.

According to The Forgotten Legend of Fiodh Forest, fairies once coexisted in harmony with humans inside of Fiodh until the humans, in ignorance, cut down the Mother Tree, the most cherished tree amidst the fairy community. In their rage, the fairies cast a curse upon the forest, destroying all human settlements. As a result, the inhabitants were either lost to the forest or permanently cast out and the forest was renamed Fiodh Dungeon.

It is now a hostile environment for those that dare to trespass the territory, but players who complete the Peculiar Children questline are able to use a Geata behind this dungeon's Goddess Statue to enter the non-hostile Mag Mell.



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