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Portrait of LughFile:Lugh.png
Race Unclear
Gender Male
Occupation Knight of Light
Track O Glorious Sword of Light




Lugh Lavada (also written as Lug, Lugh Lamhfhata or Lug Lámhfhada), commonly known as the God or Knight of Light, was a celebrated hero who conquered the Second War of Mag Tuireadh.


Most of the records concerning him and his past have been lost to time. No one knows where he came from, but his combat skills and valor made him receive great admiration and praise[1].

The book The Knight of Light Lugh, The Hero of Mag Tuireadh describes his triumphant victory over the Fomorians. Following that, he was elected as king of the Tuatha de Danann and ruler of the Aliech Kingdom.

Shortly after the wars, however, Lugh left the Tuatha de Danann and abandoned his kingship for unknown reasons. The Forgotten Legend of Fiodh Forest suggests that the reason he disappeared was because humans drove into arrogance and broke their promises to him.

The weapons Pragarah and Brionac were said to be wielded by Lugh. He is also said to be able to speak in the language of Imps. Most of Lugh's backstory is unknown, but it is widely believed that he simply started out as a commoner.

Mainstream Story


  • This NPC cannot be interacted with Keywords.


Track Title
O Glorious Sword of Light
Lugh's theme
Cutscenes involving Lugh


Lugh's Set:


  • Lugh shares his name with the season Lughnasadh (Thursday). In the Irish Mythology, Lugh created that season to commemorate his foster-mother.
  • All the pictures of Lugh in Generation 2 show him as a black-winged Champion, but when his ghost was seen in Fiodh Dungeon, it was as a Holy Knight. In Generation 9, he is shown as a white-winged Champion.
  • Lugh's race is not clear and up for interpretation at present.
    • Tarlach's Record says the Knight of Light is a Milletian.
      • It is implied that Tarlach is referring to the player who (by Generation 3) has succeeded Lugh as the Knight of Light.
      • Lugh excludes himself from the Milletian race. [2]
    • Lugh is said to not be a Human and this is confirmed various times throughout the Generations. However, it is also said that Lugh claims to be "just a human".[3]
    • According to The Forgotten Legend of Fiodh Forest, Seal Stone Research Almanac : Ciar Dungeon, and Meven when spoken with the Mabinogi Keyword Lugh is a God. It is unclear if this is an exaggeration or a fact.
    • The Forgotten Legend of Fiodh Forest also says that Lugh is believed to be an Imp. This is also unclear to be an exaggeration or a fact.
      • It is worth noting that the game sometimes conflates Imps with Fairies.
    • In the book The Embodiment of Destruction, Glas Ghaibhleann, Lugh (루) is stated to be the son of Cian (키안) and Ethniu (에흐네).
      • According to mythology, Ethniu was the daughter of Balor. This would make Lugh half-Fomorian and Balor's grandson.
      • Lugh in the NA book is incorrectly translated as Loucetios, the Gaulish god of lightning.
      • Ethniu's name does not appear in the NA translation of book; instead it only appears in the original KR version.
  • Lugh's behavior in Generation 16 is very different from the legends and even his other identity. This is later explained in Generation 25.
  • In Generation 22, Lugh's modeling is a combination between Specter Fighter's body and shield and Specter Leader's sword. The champion's wing was described as Demigod.