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Mag Mell

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For the quests to unlock this area, see Pet Trainer Quests.
An overview of Mag Mell.

Description and Geography

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Map of Mag Mell.
Ever-Blooming Flower Wreath.png

Mag Mell, the last resting place of the Fairies.[1]

Mag Mell is the hidden land of the Fairies, only accessible by those loved by the Fynn.

The area is entered through a wreath Geata of Golden Flowers hidden behind the statue of the goddess in Fiodh Dungeon. Players logged in as a pet may interact with the animals in the area.

The Mag Mell Missions can be found in the Northmost region of the map.

Mag Mell Missions

Two missions can be taken by interacting with the Geatas after completing the Peculiar Children sidequest.

Intermediate and Hard difficulties require Novice and Master Talents, respectively, besides the requirements to undertake the sidequest. Up to 8 players, including the party leader, can enter a mission.

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Forest of Four Seasons
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Dynamic Lands


Mag Mell used to be directly accessible from Fiodh Forest, but the betrayal of humans completely closed Fiodh, and thus Mag Mell, from any interlopers. While Fiodh Forest could be made accessible once more, Mag Mell remained hidden from any being who did not have the trust of the fairies. It is the last refuge of the fairies, after Siora left Uladh.

  • The lands of Mag Mell used to be larger before Siora left.
  • The in-game book The Tale of Ifan the Rich describes an NPC's journey through the various parts of Mag Mell.

Areas of Interest


Resource Obtained From Location
Fragrant Honey Milk.png Fragrant Honey
Fragrant Honey Water.png Fragrant Honey Water
Honey Falls Honey River


  • None


  • Despite not being any corresponding shop, Fionnait offers Tailor Repairs, Blacksmith Repairs, and Magical Weapon Repairs.



Areas Connected


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