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Firewall configuration

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If you regard the internet as a dangerous place for your computer, you probably use your router to implement a packet filter firewall. Essentially, this means that your router will only let your computer communicate to the destination IP numbers you specify on the ports you specify. Usually there will be a default rule allowing your computer to communicate to any IP number on port 80, since this is required to allow your web browser to view web sites on any IP number.

If you do this, every time you play a new online game, you need to locate the IP numbers and port numbers it requires to be open, otherwise the game will not run.

The Difficulties with Mabinogi

For most online games, the game's official web site will state the ports and IP numbers required. Nexon's Mabinogi site does not seem to do this.

The port numbers and IP numbers may change occasionally. Sometimes there will be an obvious cause, such as a server upgrade or major version release. Sometimes they are inexplicable, though inexplicable changes have been rare since 2011.

Given the above problems, when Mabinogi fails to run correctly, the next step is to check your router's log file to determine what IP numbers your computer was trying to contact when the game failed. Carry out a Whois search for the IP number. If this confirms that Nexon does own the IP number it seems safe to allow that Port/IP combination through your firewall. For the update server entry listed below, Whois identifies the IP number as owned by NTT America. There is no obvious link between Nexon and NTT America, but Nexon does have a history of using an external company to host the bandwidth intensive task of hosting updates.

The required Ports and IP numbers

These are the IP numbers and ports required after the extended maintenance on 4-Jun-2013. (Since this involved a server upgrade it isn't surprising that several of the IP numbers changed.)

The following are listed in the order that they are required by Mabinogi. They are identified by Port number, which seems stable over time, and a guess at the function, which other more technically literate authors may be able to improve on.

Port 47611 - Login verification

Allow access to 208.85.110.? on port 47611.

It seems that each individual Mabinogi account only needs access to a unique IP number, but that number can be different for different accounts. Different users have reported needing and, so there are probably a range of values in use around this range. You could experiment to see which particular number you need, or tell your Firewall to accept any number for the 4th component of the IP number.

This entry changed at the 11 July 2013 maintenance. Prior to that it was

Allow access to 208.85.108.? on port 47611. Different users reported needing and

Without this setting Mabinogi will report that you have entered an incorrect login or password. This is not a very helpful error message given that the problem seems to be that your firewall blocked the client from talking to the login server at all.

The system will now accept your login details, but will be unable to progress to showing you the character selection screen.

Port 11000 - Character selection screen

Allow access to on destination port 11000

  • Prior to the server upgrade on 5-Jun-2013, it required access to on destination port 11000.

This will give you access to the character selection screen.

Port 11020-11023 and 58081 - The game server

Allow access to on port 58081.

Allow access to 208.85.109.? on ports 11020 to 11023. Mari server requires and Based on past experience, the last component will be different for other servers.

These entries represent a change in structure from previous requirements. The requirement for port 58081 is new. This is perhaps not the game server. Nexon doesn't release an official statement, so the best we can do is guess based on how far the login proceeds before crashing if access to this port is blocked. For the other entry, previously 7 different IPs were required for the 7 channels. Now only 2 are required, but the number of ports required has increased.

  • Prior to the 5-Jun-2013 server upgrade the game required access to 8.31.99.* on destination port 11020. Mari server required access to the IP numbers to for channels 1 to 7 respectively. Data for the other servers is required.

See your router's documentation to determine how to create a rule containing a range of IP numbers. Some routers allow you to specify a precise range of numbers. Some allow you to specify the IP mask, which essentially means it will only pay attention to the first 3 components of the IP number you input, and allow anything from 0 to 255 for the last component.

The game should now function correctly, until you try to transfer to a housing area, at which point the game will freeze with a black screen and you'll need to kill the program via Task Manager.

Ports 8002 and 11077 - Housing Channel

Allow access to on destination port 8002. Allow access to on destination port 11077.

You should now be able to access the housing channels.

Port 8002 - Friends/Guilds List

Allow access to on destination port 8002.

This will allow you to access your Friends List and Guild List

Port 52958 - Logoff

Allow access to on destination port 52958.

Without the above entry, the game will freeze when you try to logoff from a particular character - but not if you exit the game entirely - reporting an error in etracer.