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Fleelu is the author of various books on Fiodh forest. She is a female warrior who, sometime when she was older than 30, got lost chasing a fairy into the deeper parts of Fiodh. She was instantly enamored by the kind and handsome fairy, and he decided to help lead her to safety.

When she finally decided to return to Fiodh to meet the fairy again, she found that the fairies of Fiodh had erected a Seal Stone to block her entrance. Fleelu attempted to break the stone many times, but failed constantly. In her efforts, she ran into a man who was not as attractive as the fairy but who happened to know the same song the fairy sang.

Fleelu eventually decided to marry this man, and later found out that he was the fairy himself; he had been cast out of Fiodh for helping Fleelu and had also become instantly enamored by her.


Fleelu has authored multiple books:


  • Fleelu likely lives in Dunbarton.