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Seal Stone

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Basic Information

Seal Stones are gigantic blocks of stones which block specific pathways leading to other towns or Dungeons in Uladh. According to several books, the seal stones were all caused by coincidental events. The stone can only be destroyed by players who meet certain requirements.

Seal Stone Breaking Requirements and Titles

# Name Hint Description Hint Requirement Title Description Requirement(s) Effects
1 the Dugald Aisle Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Number Total Skill Ranks over 20 Str +10
Int +10
Will +40, Dex +10
Critical +10%
2 the Ciar Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Must have 35+ STR Max Damage 10
Obtain First Aid Skill E Rank
3 the Rabbie Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Must be Level 35+ Max SP +20
Max MP +20
Max HP +20
Obtain Windmill Skill E Rank
4 the Math Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Must have rank D Playing Instrument, Compose, and Musical Knowledge Minimum Damage +5
Max Damage +5
Dex +10, Luck +10
Obtain Musical Knowledge Skill C Rank
5 the Bangor Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Must have 13+ ranks of Archery Skills Dex +30, Will +20
Max HP +10
Max SP +10
Max MP -10
6 the Fiodh Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Must have 18+ titles Str +20, Will +10
Luck +5
Max HP +30
Dex -5
7 the South Emain Macha Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Level ≥ (Age × 4) Dex +30, Int +15
Will +5
Max MP +25
Str -5
8 the North Emain Macha Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Level ≥ (Age × 4) Dex +25, Int +20
Will +10
Max MP +30
Str -10
9 the Abb Neagh Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Have a Wand equipped and over 300 Int

(The Int requirement was not present in KR)

Int +30, MaxMP +35
Obtain Rank C Lightning Bolt
10 the Sliab Cuilin Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Have Tracy's Secret book equipped MaxHP +30, Str +25
Luck -20, Will +10
Dex -20
Min Damage +5
11 the Tara Seal Breaker (unknown) (unknown) (unknown) Have alchemist clothes, shoes, a Cylinder, and Beginner Alchemist title equipped ? Str +20, Dex +20
Int +20, Will +20
Luck +20