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Portrait of Folamh
Race Fomor
Gender Male
Occupation Dark Mage
Location Crom Bás

Track Close Your Eyes, Cover Your Ears
He's a total enigma. That cold, expressionless face. That bone-chilling stare... The only feeling he inspires is terror.


—Ghost of Crom Bas


Folamh is a fomor of unknown lineage who enacts the events of Waves Amidst the Calm. With Irusan as his companion, he seeks the advent of his master. He is depicted as cold, ruthless and expressionless.


Mainstream Story


  • This NPC cannot be interacted with Keywords.


  • ?


Track Title
Close Your Eyes, Cover Your Ears
Cutscenes Involving Folamh
KR Login Theme for Crom Bas Update


  • Folamh is Irish for empty.
  • According to Ghost of Crom Bas, he likes to stand in the spotlight made from Un Llygadog's eye.[1]
  • His theme has a rendition of An Old Story From Grandma, and was used as the Login Screen soundtrack for the Korean Crom Bas Update.