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Admiral Owen

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Portrait of Admiral Owen
Admiral Owen
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Admiral
Location [[Located in::Commonwealth of Belvast
(Fleet Commander's Official Residence)]]

Track Fair Winds


His silver hair is cropped and combed with authoritative precision. Though his skin appears fine and pale, and he is impeccably dressed, you cannot help but notice the subtle signs of aging on his face. There is a hint of longing in his eyes, as he gazes out over the sea.

Admiral Owen is a Fleet Commander stationed at the Commonwealth of Belvast. He is known for heroic deeds, such as conquering Belvast Island from pirates and rescuing the enslaved such as Ascon. Owen has a brother named Odran.

According to Aodhan, Owen was once a commoner who everyone believed he had little hope of succeeding. He took on the task of eliminating the pirates of Belvast Island by using Hot-Air Balloons, a tactic no one had come up with. In just three days of the assault, Owen was victorious.

According to Shylock, despite being a typical commoner, Owen cared for those who were lower than his rank, especially the lowest, turning over many of his officer perks. However, the economy of Belvast is suffering as the wealthy avoid paying taxes, and Owen tries to rely on the Erskin Bank for profit.

Admiral Owen is the lover of Scathach. However, not much of their love life is revealed, other than he is deeply concerned about her condition.

It is also implied he used to be romantically involved with Corentin from the contents of Letter for Corentin. In it, he states he misses her and that she always remains dear to him regardless.


Day of Liberation
How to Get Quest

Talk to Admiral Owen in the Commonwealth of Belvast and select Belvast Fomors.

Briefing Go find Kinu, the friendly Imp of Belvast. You should be able to get the details from him. - Owen.
  • Talk to Kinu in Belvast.
  • Complete Kinu's RP quest.
  • Talk to Admiral Owen.
Additional Information
  • The last cutscene in the RP abruptly stops, and thus must be manually skipped.

Mainstream Story


  • "One Eye" Klugger is said to been defeated by as well as losing an eye to Admiral Owen, thus giving him the nickname "One Eye". This had severely damaged Klugger's fearsome reputation, forcing him to move to Uladh to start fresh.